How to go from red to blonde: Ultimate guide for red hair

How to go from red to blonde: 10 best steps & helpful guide | tips

Changing your hair color from red to blonde hair is a fun process. You can elevate your overall appearance by coloring your hair into lighter shades. The majority of people prefer trying out blonde. However, some hair colors require less effort to transition to blond than others. For instance, red hair is considered the hardest … Read more

Best shampoo and conditioner for black people’s hair: top 12 options you will like

12 best shampoo and conditioner for black people's hair: top guide

African Americans’ black hair has a special texture and need. Therefore, it might be quite challenging to choose which products will work best for you, given the wide variety of options available. We have compiled a range of the best products for black hair that you can try. We are certain that at least one of these products … Read more

How to store shampoo bars: the best guide

How to store shampoo bars: 6 basic tips & helpful guide

In recent years, shampoo bar has been in special demand. This is a more environmentally friendly version of the care product because the production is carried out without plastic. However, it is important to know how to store your shampoo bar. Features Before proceeding to the study of the question of how to store shampoo … Read more