Baby shampoo vs regular shampoo- What is the difference?

Baby Shampoo VS Regular Shampoo

The main difference is the dilution used for the shampoo, pH, and surfactants. For babies, water is more used than chemicals, and the pH level is also kept neutral so that it doesn’t irritate them. Whereas in regular shampoo, the pH level and chemicals used are adjusted according to the skin of the adults. To know more about them in detail, stay with us.

Can You Mix Blue and Purple Shampoo? Blue vs. Purple Shampoo

Can You Mix Blue and Purple Shampoo

Yes, mixing purple and blue shampoo together is appreciable. The mixed shampoo provides an improved scalp. Without mixing them, you can’t get the perfect hair shaft as well as the shiny look. Besides, mixing these shampoos together helps to get the desired color of your hair. Hence, mixing blue and purple shampoo together is a good move.

Kirkland shampoo vs Nexxus : What’re the differences?

Kirkland shampoo vs Nexxus

These days you will find thousands of shampoo and conditioner brands designed for specific hair types. Kirkland shampoo and Nexxus shampoo are two popular brands of shampoo. Both of these brands have their own pros and cons, 

Dry shampoo vs dry conditioner: which is better?

dry shampoo vs dry conditioner

Is dry conditioner the same as dry shampoo? Dry conditioners are a newer product advertised as an alternative to dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are perfect and one of the most popular products for people who don’t want to wash their hair every morning. Dry conditioners are also a powder, but they are applied to the hair to add moisture and shine.

Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo VS Color Balance Purple Shampoo

joico blonde life violet shampoo vs color balance purple

People with blonde hair are blessed with such luxury. Their hair is well appreciated for the striking color they have. However, keeping the natural color can be a problem, especially when the weather is against it. Besides, all the struggles you are giving to your hair while styling them isn’t helping the hair retain the color either.

Normalizing Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo – what are the differences?

Normalizing Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo

Picking the best shampoo for your hair type is never easy. I’ve passed this situation while looking for the perfect shampoo. However, after remaining in this dilemma, I’ve begun to explore the world of shampoo. So, if your decision is stuck between a normalizing shampoo vs. Neutralizing shampoo, let me make it a piece of cake for you.