Joico Blonde Life Violet Shampoo VS Color Balance Purple Shampoo

joico blonde life violet shampoo vs color balance purple

People with blonde hair are blessed with such luxury. Their hair is well appreciated for the striking color they have. However, keeping the natural color can be a problem, especially when the weather is against it. Besides, all the struggles you are giving to your hair while styling them isn’t helping the hair retain the color either.

Normalizing Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo – what are the differences?

Normalizing Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo

Picking the best shampoo for your hair type is never easy. I’ve passed this situation while looking for the perfect shampoo. However, after remaining in this dilemma, I’ve begun to explore the world of shampoo. So, if your decision is stuck between a normalizing shampoo vs. Neutralizing shampoo, let me make it a piece of cake for you. 

Best Shampoo For Hair Regrowth After Chemo

Best shampoo for hair regrowth after chemo

Are you looking for the Best shampoo for hair regrowth after chemo? Almost everyone knows that Cancer is a horrific illness, and it influences many people. There are multiple forms of Cancer, each requiring a unique treatment. However, certain treatments can have a long-term effect on hair growth after chemotherapy.

Best Shampoo and conditioner for Guest Bathroom in 2023

Best Shampoo for Guest Bathroom

We need to get an excellent shampoo for our guest. But how do we know which one is the best? Well, to know that we need to understand what type of shampoo we require. A good shampoo should have all the elements that will help our guest’s hair to get

What is Shampoo and Conditioner?

What is Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are two different types of hair care products. While shampoo is used to clean our hair, conditioner is used to improve the condition of the hair. Shampoo is a cleansing agent that washes away dirt and residue from our hair. Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that nourishes our hair and makes it feel smooth and soft.