Best Hairspray For Potato Gun: Know Which One To Buy?

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Best Hairspray For Potato Gun
Best Hairspray For Potato Gun

There is a growing trend of hairspray in potato guns, and for a good reason. Hairspray creates a strong seal between the potato and the gun barrel, making it almost impossible for potatoes to escape.

This keeps our target area clean and makes firing the potato gun much easier and faster. Hairspray also helps to keep the potato gun and its barrels from clogging up with potato residue.

But we must need the best hairspray for potato guns for optimum results. I want to say, a good spray will always perform better compared to a random sprayer.

What kind of hairspray do I use for a potato gun?

What kind of hairspray do I use for a potato gun

Honestly, we should use affordable and cheap hairspray for a potato gun. Cheap hairsprays include alcohol/ propane in a larger amount. Also, we better pick the hairspray to be light.

I have seen, some potato gun enthusiasts use hairspray to keep their guns from freezing in the cold weather. Hairspray contains volatile components.  Such components can trigger the combustion chambers.

When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the metal barrels of firearms can become very cold and difficult to fire. By spraying hairspray onto the gun’s barrel, shooters can keep the weapon operational until temps rise above freezing again.

There are many types of hairspray on the market, and each one works best for a specific application. For example, hairspray designed for modeling applications is thicker and will hold our style longer, while a lighter-weight spray is more suited for use in a workshop or setting.

For a potato gun, we need to use elements that will work as an ignition source to our potato gun. Elements like propane or are sole will expand gasses and create a spark. So, most potato guns are run through cheap hairsprays. Even they suggest the cheaper our hairspray will be, the better it will work for potato guns.

What is the best hair spray for a potato gun?

It’s time to get introduced to the best hair spray for a potato gun. Here I have picked best 4 hairspray from which we can easily benefited. There are various brands, I have some experience and hopefully you’ll have different hairspray experiences. Let’s check out some of the best fuel for potato gun.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

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Moroccanoil Luminous is my most favorite and best lightweight hairsprays on the market. This hairspray is quite flexible. It comes with zero sulfates and is ideal for smooth potato gun operation.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is the perfect solution for creating beautiful, shiny hair. It is formulated with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that help to keep our hair looking healthy and radiant. Similarly, it works great on a potato gun.

This hairspray comes with 330 mm volume, enough to apply in a potato gun several times. A few drops of this hairspray make the potato gun hot, preventing it from freezing. That’s why it’s one of the strongest fuel for potato gun.

This hairspray has a signature scent which makes it attractive to me. It wouldn’t be suitable for a potato gun if it didn’t come with argan oil. Argan oil has essential antioxidants that prevent coagulation even in cold weather.


  • Comes with a great quantity
  • Rich with antioxidants for preventing coagulation
  • Sulfate-free, doesn’t harm the gun’s barrel
  • Reasonable price
  • Works nicely even in minus temperature


  • Could come with rich volatile components
  • When I used, it takes time to expand gas

Oribe Superfine Hair Spray

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Now Oribe is offering a 9-ounce hair spray for just $42. It’s a good deal because per ounce, we need to spend less than $5. However, this superfine hair spray is reliable for its incredible performance in low temperatures.

Once it’s applied to the barrel of a gun, the gun’s combust gets excited. The prime source of this excitement is the absence of gluten. Gluten is nothing but a form of structural protein. It’s naturally absent in potatoes, so this hairspray works nicely.

This exclusive hairspray is ideal for bringing a shiny appearance and texture to the hair. But that’s none of our business. Their other contribution is getting a gun’s barrel open. Guns can fire easily after applying this oil- it’s experimentally proven.

Mango and Kiwi Fruit Extracts are used in this hairspray. These ingredients deliver antioxidants, making the gun’s operation easier by preventing coagulation.


  • Leaf extract helps to keep the Bartel hydrated
  • Antioxidants disallow to coagulate the spray sooner
  • Its SD Alcohol 40-B goes with any barrel type
  • Cheap in price
  • Quantity is sufficient for multiple uses


  • Parabens-free, takes longer to be effective
  • Presence of huge unnecessary ingredients

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

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Being sulfate and alcohol-free, Color Wow supernatural spray has achieved huge success in hair development. But, alcohol is essential when we’re talking about using it for a potato gun. The good news is- this spray has used an innovative dream coat formula which can be a great alternative.

Its breakthrough formula helps fight against frizz. That means that when we use this spray somewhere cold, it’s hard for the spray to be coagulated. Well, how much hairspray for potato gun? I usedonly a few drops and that is enough to make the combustion work. Using hairspray excessively won’t bring fruitful results.

There could be inconvenient humidity which may prevent the spray’s effectiveness. Usually, the barrel gets blocked again when the humidity is excessively high or low. In that case, my suggestion is using a more Color Wow spray can resolve this problem.

As it uses aqua as a solvent, it is risky to damage the gun’s barrel after regular use. But, the other ingredients can cope with the problem, performing necessary chemical reactions to save the barrel.

This product comes with sturdy packaging, as well as a fascinating finish. Its quantity is 200 ml which can be used for several times. The spraying nozzle has clean holes, allowing the emission of the spray quickly.


  • Capable of fighting with humidity
  • Breakthrough formula for fighting frizz
  • No risky ingredients for barrel’s safety
  • Convenient spray nozzle
  • Pricing is appreciable


  • Alcohol would be replaced with its alternative
  • Quantity isn’t satisfactory

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

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Kenre platinum blow-dry spray comes with a thermal protectant formula. This intense thermal protectant formula is good for eliminating frizz. It comes with 6.8 Fluid Ounces and can serve a potato gun barrel for a long time.

When the temperature is high, it’s hard for our hair to remain healthy. This hair spray prevents breakage up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. That means this spray has control over humidity as well as temperature.

This spray is formulated in such a way that it can fight humidity for up to 20 hours. The barrel of a potato gun becomes impractical when the humidity isn’t expedient. This fuel is the best fuel for pvc potato gun also.

While using this spray for a potato gun, should be careful about our body parts. Its active ingredients are good for our gun’s barrel, not our body. If it’s somehow in our eyes, the eyes will face extreme irritation, and the output won’t be pleasing.


  • Extremely effective against humidity
  • Innovative thermal protection
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Expert in blow-dry time reduction
  • Zero mineral oil protects metal barrel


  • Poor quantity
  • No pleasing smell

Which hair spray is better: aerosol or pump?

Which hair spray is better aerosol or pump

I have used both of types and Aerosol vs. pump hair spray war is never ending as both have positive and negative aspects. Here’s a quick comparison chart to easily understand what hairspray works best for potato gun.

Comparison TopicAerosol SprayPump Spray
Suspension typeFinest particle mixed under high-pressureParticles are mixed with wet active substance
Harmful ingredientPresence of CFCNo CFC
LongevityDon’t last longerLasts longer, offers extra control
Hair typeWorks better in softer hairWorks better in frizz hairs
Extreme chemical compoundsAerosol comes with chemical propellantNo extremely dangerous chemical compound
Field of applicationExtra hold hair sprayLighter hold for wet or gelled hair
Ease of applicationCovers vast area while applyingCovers only a little area while applying

Ease of use

Aerosol hair sprays come in small particles filled in a jar under extreme pressure. Being small in particle size, they’re easy to apply to hair. But, when we apply it to the potato gun, it will spread away from our target area. That means wastage of a few drops of spray. And it’s a big amount at the end of the day.

On the flip side, pump sprays are mixed with an active wet substance. This type of spray usually uses alcohol or aqua as a liquid element. Pump sprays don’t split away from the target area easily. So, our potato gun’s barrel gets a chance to show its full potential in cold weather.

Ingredient’s usefulness

Aerosol sprays have chemical propellant. They’re harmful to hair if it’s frizzy or spiral. Moreover, it uses different inorganic compounds that make them unsuitable for versatile hair types.

But, aerosol sprays are great when the talk is about ingredient distribution. A pump spray can’t reach the core of our hair where an aerosol spray can. Using both sprays is okay for a potato gun barrel. Both have active ingredients to make the firing mechanism excited.


Both aerosol and pump hair sprays have individual fields of application. Aerosol hair sprays can’t handle wet or gelled hair. But, pump sprays don’t have that kind of limitation. These sprays are mainly protective against humidity and rough weather. A bunch of chemicals are used here to make them compatible for fighting against them.

That’s why we may doubt- is aerosol hairspray bad for us? Don’t worry; chemicals are used here in optimum amounts, not harmful to our sensitive hair. Where both hair sprays aren’t a threat to our hair, how could it be dangerous for a barrel?

Impact on the environment

The discussion between aerosol spray vs pump spray is incomplete if we don’t consider the impact on nature. Aerosol sprays have a CFC element that’s highly risky for the Ozone sphere. Pump sprays are devoid of CFC and don’t harm nature directly.

How can I make my own homemade hairspray that works like the real thing?

Making a homemade hairspray for a potato gun isn’t something like rocket science. Once we’re successful in its production, it’ll also work as the best fuel for spud gun. Here I have discussed and we know a detailed overview of how to prepare salt hair spray.

Step: 1- Preparing water

Firstly, take 250 ml distilled water in a cup and put it on a stove. Now, raise the temperature and wait until the water is hot. Don’t make it fully boiled for better output.

Step: 2- Add ingredients

When the water is ready, put some sea salt in the pan. It’s recommended to use 1 TSP salt for every 250 ml solvent. Epsom salt is also allowed if we can’t manage raw sea salt. After a while, add coconut oil to the mixture and stir with a spoon. Argan oil also can be used alternatively.

Step: 3- Preparing the mixture

Now, put down the saucepan from the stove and let it cool. We can finally add now a few drops of our favorite essential oil. Adding 5 to 10 grams of styling hair gel will make the mixture more commercial. And finally, our job is to pour the mixture into a bottle for future use.

How can I choose the best hairspray for the potato gun?

Potato guns are sensitive to cold weather. So, whenever I go to pick one, check the hairspray ingredients if they have any hot elements. Alcohol is the best thing to keep our potato gun working at a low temperature

After that, we should search for the solvent type used in the haIrspray. A good solvent type for hair doesn’t mean the right type for a potato gun. Potato guns require holding the ingredients on the barrel for a long time. If the solvent isn’t strong enough, it becomes hard.

There’s a thought that expensive and top brand hairspray must be the best. But, the reverse concept applies to a potato gun. Potato guns need inexpensive, low-grade hairsprays for the best output. It’s because low-budget hair sprays have alcohol or parabens, which any barrel desires.

Another thing to consider is the hairspray packaging quality. We can’t preserve it for future use if it’s poorly packaged.

From my point of view, most importantly, its fragrance will disappear, perhaps effectiveness also. Making hairspray potato gun plans must include this consideration.

Final words

Potato guns can’t use air pressure or combustion of gas unless the temperature is convenient. Using hairspray can disappear the problem. The best hairspray for potato guns contains butane or propane. These inorganic compounds make the gun activate again.

So, now I think our concept about what spray to use for potato gun must be clear now. Among various hairspray brands, we can’t pick randomly. If we go through the buying guide, we can easily list the suitable sprays.

Most importantly, choosing a spray with the right ingredients can make our way easier. A hairspray without the right solvent can’t help our gun. As inexpensive hairsprays are proven to work better, choosing your favorite one among them is the right choice.

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