Should I straighten my hair before I cut it?

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Should I straighten my hair before I cut it
Should I straighten my hair before I cut it

If you have curly hair and plan to have your hair cut, you may ask, “Should I straighten my hair before I cut it?”

No, we shouldn’t straighten our hair before we cut it. Go natural before getting a haircut. Based on the condition of your hair, the stylist will recommend or give you a haircut. If you have curly hair, you will find your hair uneven when the hair gets dried.

The same goes for straightening hair. If we have straight hair and have it cut curly, it will look odd after drying. Also, it will look crazy short. So it is not advisable to straighten our hair before we cut it.

What is the best way to treat my hair so that it will last longer and look better after a cut? 

What is the best way to treat my hair so that it will last longer and look better after a cut

The best way to treat our hair after a haircut so it will last longer and look better is described below:

Don’t touch your hair with your fingers after a haircut

Do not touch your hair with your fingers after a haircut. It is both a hygienic and sensible factor. Our hands may be full of germs or bacteria that can damage our hair or scalp. Besides, as your hair is already set with a blow dryer and brush, using your fingers in an improper direction will ruin your hair look.

Use conditioner after a haircut

While a professional cuts our hair with the help of a blow dryer or brush, our hair gets twisted. A conditioner is the best way to turn them into a regular form. It de-frizzes and makes it look wet and glossy. It also adjusts the shape of our hair cuts.

Don’t treat the hair much after a bath

When we are taking a bath, we should touch our hair with soft pressure with the help of a towel. While setting the hair, don’t apply extra pressure to the comb. It is important to touch the hair softly because after rinsing the hair, they become vulnerable. If you touch them hard, they start breaking. Keep your hair wet for a couple of minutes before using a towel.

Use serum on our hair to make it soft

Different types of serum are available on the market to make our hair shiny and soft. We can use them so that our haircut can last longer. The serum must be used on the hair after rinsing and cleaning properly. It will increase the fluff of our hair and make it easier to manage.

You should properly use a blow dryer to keep our haircut long-lasting

There are some proper steps to using a blow dryer on our newly cut hair. If we don’t follow them, our hair can get damaged. To do it,

  • First, buy a detangler and some thermal spray.
  • Apply this cream or spray to your hair. 
  • Then plug in the blow dryer and turn it on. 
  • Use it on your hair, but make sure not to bring it too close to your hair. 
  • The distance between your hair and the blow dryer should be at least eight to ten inches. 
  • Start using it from the right side to the left side to get better results. 

Using this device properly will make our hair easy to manage even while combing.

Try to avoid hair color

Some people like to color their hair after a haircut. We shouldn’t do it. The hair colors are filled with chemical elements. Good hair color doesn’t damage our hair, but a bad product can harm our natural hair color and scalp. Contact a professional if we have to use hair color on our hair. 

Use shampoo after a specific time

Shampoo makes our hair soft with the help of protectants and moisturizers inside them. While using shampoo, make sure to use it all properly on all your scalp areas. After using shampoo, rinse your hair properly. Use the shampoo once a week after a haircut. While using shampoo, don’t rub it too much on your hair. Use it gently with proper care to get better results.

Should I go natural with my hair, or should I straighten it first?

We must go natural before getting a haircut. The stylist will give or suggest hair cuts based on the state of our hair. So if you go with straightened hair before cutting, you will see your hair has returned to its normal state, but the haircut does not suit you anymore.

What should you not do when cutting your hair? 

There are some things we should not do while cutting our hair. They are described below:

Try to avoid using a phone or an iPad

Using a phone or iPad while cutting our hair is not recommended. Our head position can be changed when we use them during the haircut. As a result, our hair stylist will be unable to cut our hair properly. Also, we shouldn’t use any type of earbud or earphone then.

Make sure to tell the stylist about our hair products properly

It is important to share information about our hair products with the stylist, whether he or she asks us to. It helps them to understand our hair type and preferences. So that they can use a suitable haircut and use the right products for our hair.

We should talk with the stylist

It is recommended to talk with the stylist while cutting our hair. If we are getting hurt while cutting or feel uncomfortable, we should immediately share it with him or her. We can also share our preferred style to get desired results.

Do not forget to check our haircut after cutting it in the mirror

After we’ve finished cutting our hair, double-check it in the mirror. If it doesn’t suit us or we think some areas should be cut more or less, we can change it at that time. Do not complain later. That will be unprofessional.

What should I do before cutting my hair?

What should I do before cutting my hair 

There are some things to do before we cut our hair. They are described below:

Clean our hair properly

It’s important to wash our hair properly before getting a haircut. If our hair is not cleaned properly, there could be dandruff in it. Also, when we don’t clean the hair for a long time, it becomes hard and dry because a layer of dirt builds around it. As a result, it won’t cut properly.

Don’t use shampoo before a haircut

Try not to use shampoo before haircut. Since upper hair parts are getting cut, it is unnecessary to make it glossy. It just wastes our time. We will get cleaned with shampoo after the haircut anyway.

Choose a design according to our face shape and hair type

We must choose a design for our haircut beforehand. We can check the internet or even talk with our friends to get a better haircut. However, remember that all types of hair designs aren’t suitable for all types of hair. 

So know your hair type first. Hair can be thick or thin, curly or super fine. We can contact a professional hair stylist to learn more about what types of hair designs suit our hair.

Dry our hair before getting a haircut

Wet hair is hard to cut. So it is important to dry our hair before cutting. If we cut our hair in a salon, we should take a bath at least 3 hours before drying it properly.

How long does it take for me to grow out a pixie cut?

A pixie cut is a short cut where it is exceedingly difficult for hair to grow quickly. After a pixie cut, hair takes a very long time to grow. It can take between 6 and 9 months. To grow the same quantity of hair back, it can take up to 15 months. Also, proper maintenance is essential for quick hair growth with this cut.

Should I straighten my wavy hair before I cut it?

Nope, we should not straighten our wavy hair before having them cut. If we do so, the cutting will look good for sure. But when it gets dry, the cutting will be uneven and odd that we will not like at all.

Frequently Asked Question

Still got some more questions related to the topic? Here are some FAQs for us:

Should I straighten my hair before a hair appointment?

No, straightening our hair before a hair appointment is not advised. We should always treat our hair in its natural state. The treatment won’t be effective because it is uncertain how well the haircut will suit. The outcome would not be the same in the case of straightened hair. Therefore, natural hair should only be treated while getting maintenance.

Should I straighten my hair before I dye it?

We should straighten our hair before dying it. Only sensitive hair will look good with semi-permanent color. To get the best dying effects, the hair must be teased. It is quite easy to set the color on hair when it is straight.


Whether giving a new look or changing our personality, getting a new haircut is always helpful. However, we need to follow some steps before cutting our hair. If you have curly hair, a question can appear in your mind, “Should I straighten my hair before I cut it?”

No, you should straighten your hair before getting a haircut. The hair stylist can get confused because of it and apply a cut that doesn’t suit your natural hair. So, choose a haircut according to your hair type. Also, make sure to clean them properly.

While the hair stylist is cutting our hair, give him decent suggestions as to whether he is doing it properly or not. Don’t disturb him while cutting our hair; our hair can get damaged, and we will regret it until our next haircut.

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