What to put in shampoo for a prank? ( Shampoo Prank )

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What to Put In Shampoo For A Prank
What to Put In Shampoo For A Prank

Since the beginning of time, people have been pulling practical jokes and pranks on one another. In a nutshell, a practical joke, also known as a prank, is a cunning trick that you pull on someone that leaves them feeling either perplexed, humiliated, furious, or even all three of these emotions simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a humorous yet cost-effective prank, this DIY prank idea is what you’ve been looking for. Prepare to burst out laughing when the person you’re pranking is perplexed as to why their shampoo bottle doesn’t work! 

This article, what to put in shampoo for a prank, will help you learn about it. It is the most well-known prank to prank people. Pranks and practical jokes are on the top of our list but pick your targets carefully.

Selecting Victims

Pranking someone on a particular day, like a holiday or a birthday, is always fun. To exact a little measure of vengeance, it’s also possible to play a joke on someone who played a joke on you. Never play a prank on someone only to be cruel.

Before implementing your strategy, think about how the victim will react. Even a small amount of harmless joking might upset some individuals. It’s best not to play a joke on someone who is having a bad day since you’ll make things worse. To get the best out of pranking someone, you need to be able to laugh at yourself.

How to do Shampoo Prank?

How to do Shampoo Prank

Pranking your housemate or family member with is a brilliant trick. The shampoo bottle must be modified such that when the top is squeezed, a shampoo substitute sprays all over the person using it as well as the shower floor.

What Bottle Do You Need?

You’ll need an opaque bottle to keep your victim from spotting the slightly different-colored goo inside. Take one of the shampoo bottles from the recycle bin, alter it a little bit, and then switch it out for their nearly-empty one after they’re done.

To make sure you don’t get any dried shampoo from under the cap, rinse the bottle well. Make sure the bottle isn’t too clean.

Fixing the prank

The bottle’s lip has a sharp ring of plastic that holds the cap. To remove the cap, give it a hard twist in either direction.

You must cut this plastic ring down for the cap to come off when you squeeze it. Carving off little pieces of plastic with a scalpel proved the most effective method.

Taking Away the Cap

When you apply bottle pressure to the shampoo bottle, pressure builds up inside the bottle. This pressure causes the cap to break off, allowing shampoo to fly all over the place.

When the cap is open, you must fill a hole to achieve this. Build up a layer of material around the hole. It’s a good idea to cover the hole you made for the shampoo bottle when your victim opens it. If the adhesive is visible from the outside, spread some shampoo on top.

Changing the Shampoo

Add cornflour for a consistency that’s a little runnier than shampoo but more explosive.

Make a paste by combining around 250ml water with about 50ml cornflour and stirring until it’s a homogeneous mixture.

Add more water until you have a clear, flowing liquid. A too thick mixture of cornflour and water will not burst. If you don’t have time to prepare your own, a single cream might be an excellent option because it’s less expensive than shampoo. Adding a drop or two of food coloring to your new shampoo can give it the color you’re looking for. Fill the bottle to the brim with the mixture, then screw the cap on tight.

Shampoo Prank Ideas

Shampoo Prank Ideas
Shampoo Prank Ideas

Below are some other shampoo prank ideas that you can try on your family and friends. 

Where is the Shampoo Prank?

Take the lid off their shampoo bottle and cover the hole with tape or plastic before screwing the top again! It won’t come out until they remove the cap again. To make this shower prank even better, you can use glue to keep the lid on their shower products.

The “No Shampoo” Prank?

This one is old but good. Take the cap off of the family shampoo or guest shampoo bottle with care. Then, put a small cling film over the top and put the cap back on. Ensure there is no cling film, and put the shampoo bottle on the shelf. They won’t know what to do at bath time!

Shampoo Pranks that never end

When your victim is taking a shower, you can hide behind them and keep adding shampoo to their head as they shampoo their hair. It is a fun way to play pranks with shampoo. You have to be as sneaky as a ninja to get away with this one.

Frequently Asked Question

​How To Ruin Someone’s Shampoo?

For this, you need a shampoo and the friend you will apply on. Put any shampoo and put some colored dye. When he showers and applies some shampoo after washing it off, it will become the hair color you have put it in.
It’s important to remember that this prank isn’t for everyone. If the right person does it, it’s a good joke. If you pull on the wrong person, you may need to look for some adverse reaction.


Whatever the best prank idea ever is, it’s essential to keep in mind the feelings of the person you’re tricking. If there will be any negative consequences to the prank, you may not want to go through with it, mainly if it includes harm to property, persons, or interpersonal relationships. 

Keep in mind that as long as you keep these points in mind, everyone will enjoy your prank as much as you find it amusing. And these articles about what to put in shampoo for a prank aren’t just for adults; kids can enjoy them.

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