Best curl enhancing shampoo for wavy hair 2023

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Best Curl Enhancing Shampoo for wavy hair

It seems nuisance when you don’t have either straight hair or curly hair. So you have wavy hair. Now, you believe that a little make over using curl enhancing products will be awesome to look.

But which would be the best curl enhancing shampoo for wavy hair that suits you? Do you know that? Well, not all of them fit on your hair. Though it depend on our hair types but personally I would suggest Davines Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo. Honestly, this is an amazing shampoo for wavy hair.

On the other hand, you might have curly, finicky, dry and prone to fuzzy or frizzy hair. Moreover, the borderline seems wackadoodle. Yes, it makes you so much desperate to find a right product.

No worries, here in this my article I tried to figure out 5 different types of curl enhancing shampoo/products. I believe at least one of them will help you for sure, so let’s read it.

At a Glance: My Choices for best curl enhancing shampoo for wavy hair in 2023:

  1. Davines Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo
  2. SheaMoisture SilconeFree Shampoo
  3. SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo
  4. WOW Skin Science Natural Coconut Milk Shampoo
  5. Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Curls

Does curl enhancing shampoo work on wavy hair?

Shampoos that promise to enhance our curl pattern are definitely a dime a dozen. But does curl enhancing shampoo actually work on wavy hair? My direct answer is yes.

While every wavy girl’s hair is different, and some may need to experiment with a few different products to find their perfect match, curl enhancing shampoo can definitely help to bring out our natural waves.

Basically, this type of shampoo is formulated to add moisture and definition to our waves, and can even help to tame frizz. But if you’re looking for a product that will help your waves look their best, curl enhancing shampoo is definitely worth a try.

What are the best curl enhancing shampoo for wavy hair?

Here is the list of the best curl enhancing shampoo you can consider for wavy hair. I fetch my information from my own experience and from the real user testing based on their variant user testing results. Hopefully, end of article, you will be benefited by my given information. So, stay with me……

Davines Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo


The 8 ounce of David love shampoo is my top of the line while I recommending you the best curl enhancing shampoo. If you are longing for beautiful ringlets then you must try this out.

When I tried it for the first time, I get to see the shampoo looks slightly pink in color and feels so thick and creamy so it lathers very well. The best part of it- Sulfate free shampoo won’t harm our scalp at all and leave amazing stripping (no harshness)

It is not only an enhancing shampoo but also a nourshing one so it brings essential nutrition to our scalp naturally.

Note: Almond Extract comes with amazing moisturizing properties, you would love it.

Curling routine

If you want to get the fast result without having side effects then obviously I recommend you to use it 3x times in a week. After washing your hair use blow dryer and a round brush. Also use less conditioner than usual so it lasts long on the thick hair.


  • Sulphate and paraben free
  • Hydrating, light & shiny hair
  • Add extra volume and texture
  • Great value for money


  • The fragrance is a bit strong not mild or light

SheaMoisture SilconeFree Shampoo

6 1

Have your hair becomes lifeless after loosing moisture and oil? Again, do you want to make your hair curly? Then I recommend you with SheaMoisture SiliconeFree shampoo.

The best applying process is to apply it on wet hair and then use the best wide tooth comb for wavy hair. Generally this shampoo comes with hibiscus so it lathers well and leaves hair feeling clean and soft. It has a pleasant, subtle scent and is a great value for the price.

Some of my fans have reported to me that this shampoo can be drying. And believe me, then I run a little test on myself. Their information was true. So it may not be the best choice for those with dry or damaged hair.

Overall, SheaMoisture’s Silicone-Free Shampoo is a good option for those looking for a silicone-free hair care solution. I think, you have understood my point.

Curling routine


We can use it every day as it never harmfully stripes our hair. The virgin coconut oil will give us amazing bounce to our hair. We may also apply Miracle Multi benefit conditioner for the best result.


  • Ensure natural waving
  • Great for daily wash
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Suitable for oily hair type


  • Not suitable for dry hair

SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo

10 1

If you want to enhance your curls or waves and improve frizz almost immediately after washing, SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo is what you look for. It contains coconut oil and Hibiscus conditioner. This nourishing hair treatment provides intense moisture to make our curls soft, smooth, and frize-free.

Women like me may notice their hair start thinning; lose its luster (like I did) at the post-pregnancy stage. You should give your hair TLC and if you go with the wrong product you will never see any visible results like shiny, bouncy hair as I experienced.

But this curl shampoo is exceptional than those products that make empty promises. It will make our wavy hair curly and bouncy almost immediately. All the credits go to the natural ingredients it uses (like coconut oil and hibiscus flower extracts).

Curling Routine


We can use it daily. But I recommend you use this Shampoo every 2 to 3 days to get the best output. After washing hair with it, don’t forget to use a hair dryer.


  • Applicable for thick & curly hair
  • Work instantly after washing hair 
  • Silicone-free
  • Contain natural ingredients 


  • It’s slightly greasy

WOW Skin Science Natural Coconut Milk Shampoo

5 1

Wow skin science natural coconut milk shampoo comes with all natural ingredients. The key ingredient is coconut milk extract that aids to nourish our hair strands. The essential oil amazingly soothe all types of irritation and dryness.

The Argan oil is the boosting properties for repairing damaged hair. Finally, the Aloe extract comes to treat the hydrated hair also helps to bring back moisture to our scalp.

Curling Routine

9 1

We can use it everyday. Pour a dollop of shampoo on your halm and start scrubbing but make sure you won’t use your fingernails. After massaging for a few minutes then pour another dollop and do the same. Finally, rinse throughly using cold water.


  • Applicable for all hair type
  • Hypoallergenic and crelty free
  • Comes with refund policy
  • Thin hair solution


  • You may need to use Gel or cream alongside of it  for the perfect curly hair

Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Curls


Alfaparf Milano is an excellent Keratin treatment shampoo prepared for reducing frizz and enhancing curliness. Moreover, it hydrates and nourishes  our lifeless hair. If you are living in an environment where humidity is pretty high and so your hair get hydrated often, then I suggest you to try it. 

This shampoo has prepared with the 5 unique ingredients. Amazingly, the ingredients composed here after 20 years of research. The active ingredients help to prolong the shine of our hair and enhance the curliness.

Curling Routine

Obviously I suggest you to use 2 or 3 times in a week. But you can easily use it without having hard time. After applying wait for a while then rinse and scrunch for the better curling effect.


  • Vegan, sulfate, parabens, and paraffins free
  • Bring softness, add color, and protect against humidity
  • Produced in Italy after intensive research
  • Refreshing smell


  • It is a bit expensive

How can I make my wavy hair curlier?

How can I make my wavy hair curlier

The best method is to use a styling cream or a gel that comes with enough holding strength. After using it wait for a while and when you will feel your hair becomes dry then scrunch your hair. Following by the scrunching process, you can easily break the crunchy gel cast that will turn the wavy hair into curly hair.

I always recommend you to keep a Denman brush as the plastic bristle of it aids to create small section of curly hair.

How do I choose a good curl enhancing shampoo for wavy hair?


Now you may ask, how can I choose one from here? If you have wavy hair, you know that it can be difficult to find the right curl enhancing product. There are so many products on the market, and it can be hard to know which one will work best for your hair. I have point out a few things, which may help you to choose one. Here are a few things to consider before buying a curl enhancing product for wavy hair-

Our hair type

There are many different types of hair, and each type of hair responds differently to various curl enhancing products. Here are some of my general suggestions-

Fine hair: A lightweight mousse or curl cream will help to add definition and hold without weighing down the hair.

Medium hair: A leave-in conditioner or curl defining gel will help to add definition and control frizz.

Thick hair: A leave-in conditioner or curl defining cream will help to add definition and control frizz.

Coarse hair: A leave-in conditioner or curl defining butter will help to add definition and control frizz.


Curl enhancing products can range in price from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. It’s important to find a product that fits our budget.

Our hair goals

What are you hoping to achieve with a curl enhancing product? Do you want to add definition to your curls? Enhance your natural wave pattern? Or add volume and body? Knowing your hair goals will help you choose the right product.


Curl enhancing products often contain active ingredients that can be drying to the hair. If you have dry or damaged hair, look for a product with moisturizing ingredients.


I know, some curl enhancing products have a strong scent that some people find overpowering. If you’re sensitive to smells, or you just prefer a milder scent, please look for a product that is unscented or has a light fragrance.

The packaging

Curl enhancing products come in a variety of packaging, from pump bottles to aerosols. Choose the packaging that is most convenient for you.

The reviews

Before purchasing a curl enhancing product, take the time to read reviews from other people who have used it. This can give you a good idea of whether or not the product will work for you.

Holding Strength

Not all products come with the desired holding strength, right? Depends on our hair type, it will very. For example, if you think you need a cream or a conditioner that comes with maximum holding strength then, you can get help. Or, you can choose any moderate one.

Ingredients you need to avoid

For sensitive hair, you should not choose a product that comes with parabens, silicons, sulfates, and more. Because it may comes with a short term solution but will give you the long term side effects. So I recommend you to say no to such products.

If you keep these things in mind, I’m sure that you will be able to choose a perfect curl enhancing product for your wavy hair.

Frequently Asked Question

Can shampoo make wavy hair curly?

Shampoo can help to enhance your natural wave pattern and give you undefined, bouncy curls. For best results, shampoo your hair as usual and follow up with a conditioner. Then, apply a curl-enhancing product to your damp hair and scrunch your hair with your hands as you air dry.

Which type of shampoo is best for wavy hair?

There are a few different types of shampoo that can be good for wavy hair. From my point of view, volumizing shampoo can help to give your waves some extra body and fullness. A gentle shampoo is also good for wavy hair, as it can help to avoid weighing down your waves. If your waves are particularly frizzy, you may also want to try a shampoo that is specifically designed to help tame frizz.


Curly or wavy hair looks great. But they demand our loving care more than the straight & smooth hair. All these curl enhancing shampoos I enlisted are effective and safe for wavy hair. These hair nourishing products will make our wavy hair soft, smooth, shiny, and bouncy. So, you can go for any of them from the list to give your hair TLC.

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I’m Amelia. I have been working with hair care product shampoo and conditioner for 6 long years. This website is an outlet of my deep passion for hair, Shampoo and Conditioner. Basically, I'm here to guide you on shampoo and conditioner.

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