Can I use color treated shampoo for regular hair?

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Can i use color treated shampoo for regular hair
Can i use color treated shampoo for regular hair

All hair is not created equal. Choosing the best shampoo for hair is very difficult. You need to select the best shampoo according to your hair. Many women use color safe shampoo for normal hair. Now you are wondering, “Can I use color treated shampoo for regular hair?” or will it be safe for my normal hair?  

Well, Color treated hair requires a special shampoo to keep the color from fading too quickly. If you have a regular hair type or oily hair, you can easily use color treated shampoo. But not all color treated shampoos are good. So, I am going to share some tips and precautions before having color treated shampoo. Let’s dig it. ( Know more about shampoo for bathroom and so on )

What is a color-treated shampoo?

A color-treated shampoo is specially formulated with a dye or pigment to add color and shine to your hair. This type of shampoo does not contain sulfate-like ingredients to retain color in chemical lab tests. So it is a sulfate-free shampoo. 

For lab evaluation, hair samples show minimal color change after 10-20 washes and 8-10 hours after sun exposure. It is made to touch ups your hair healthy. It also keeps your colored hair moisturized and well-nourished.

The Color-safe shampoo contains some ingredients that prevent hair breakage and promote growth. The goal of using color-treated shampoo is to make your hair shiny or colored. It is formulated with different types of dye that penetrate the hair shaft’s cuticle. It also helps in giving your hair a bright appearance. However, you can use shampoos on blonde, white and gray hair.

The shampoos are formulated to remove any unwanted pigment. Use them after every hair washes to ensure that any residual color on your roots is handily rinsed away.

How does it work?

There is not much difference between normal shampoo and color safe shampoo. The color safe shampoos contain dyes that penetrate the cuticle of your hair. It gives a vibrant shine to your hair. Because this shampoo is made to make your hair safe and effective. It does not damage your normal hair also.  

Unlike regular shampoos, this type of clarifying shampoo complements your hair color, preventing hair breakage. When you wash your hair with a color protective shampoo, it will help maintain the health of processed hair. A color enhancing shampoo will also work on grey hair. This shampoo formula helps to cover the gray using colored pigments with aura.

Color-safe shampoos can protect your hair color from fading or changing the hue of color. It protects your hair from further damage. The color protecting shampoos will have an ingredient list consisting of different cleansing and conditioning agents. It works by gentler cleansing ingredients without stripping hair of natural oils. It also deposits hair dyes quicker.

 The right color of your hair comes from your proper care. The color safe shampoo is designed to help maintain the vibrancy of your hair color. The shampoo mainly protects it from fading. You should choose a product that contains natural oils and antioxidants.

Can I use color treated shampoo for regular hair?

Yes, you can use color treated shampoo for uncolored hair. Even color safe products are safe for hair. There is not much difference between color safe shampoo and normal shampoo. I often use color safe shampoo because it helps contain my present hair color. People are getting confused about using shampoo when it comes to hair care. Sometimes people do not understand why the hair color fades so easily. What is the best kind of shampoo for your hair? 

Some colored hair shampoos can come with strong surfactants such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, amino acid, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, and much more. But ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate is not perfect for color hair. They can make your hair damage. Ensure that your colour protect shampoos do not contain any sulfate items or other damaged items. You can use a small amount of shampoo. However, there is no evidence that color-safe shampoos are mild or good. I use Color-treated shampoo for my normal hair. So, you can try it also.

Some products are designed to help color treated hair maintain its look. You can use some other shampoos for both color treated and uncolored hair. However, there is a difference between these two types of shampoos. Regular shampoo is made to cleanse your scalp and remove any oils or dirt. So it can strip color from your locks if you use it too much. 

It is important to know the difference between a color-treated and a regular shampoo because they are not interchangeable. Colored shampoos contain a build-up remover called a “color remover .”It is good for removing leftover pigment from the hair after being dyed.

Can you use color shampoo every day?

Nowadays, many people turn to color shampoo and color conditioner to add vibrancy and depth to their hair. If you have colored hair or normal hair, do not use colored shampoo every day. I use color shampoo 2-3 times a week. If you use color shampoo in this way, the health of colored hair will be better. 

Good color depends on the chronic condition of the normal or oilyhair. Dry hair stays healthy after using color shampoo. Moisture color pierces the hair. After using the colored shampoo, you can dry hair well. I can keep my hair as moisture-free as possible. Every time you have wet hair, the color molecules of your hair can damage. So never use normal shampoo or colored shampoo every day.

Is it okay to use color-treated shampoo on normal hair?

Is it okay to use color-treated shampoo on normal hair

Yes, it’s totally fine to use color-treated shampoo on normal hair! You can use color Shampoo on your normal hair without having any worries. I was also very tense like you when I first used this shampoo. But after using it, I have loved it. It is safe because the color-safe shampoo is usually a mild, conditioning, non-stripping shampoo. 

The silicone made shampoo will shine on your hair. It is not a good shampoo for everyday use if you care for your hair. As far as I know, normal shampoo probably contains sulfate. However, most of the shampoos contain it. I do not have colored hair now, although I use this shampoo. It’s best to use a color-treated shampoo on non-treated hair, not just any other way.

Is hair color shampoo safe?

Of course, hair color shampoo is much safer than normal shampoo. The color safe shampoo contains heavy moisturizer and protein. Moisture prevents damage. The hair-colored shampoo is extra gentle. It does not contain sulfate. So it does not penetrate the hair as deeply as regular shampoo. It cleanses your hair without tearing hair color molecules. 

If you use a very mild shampoo, your hair color lasts longer. Hair color Shampoo color contains a staining dye. The stain does not stick to the outer layer of your hair in a long-lasting way. It makes your hair look more naturally cool. After washing my hair with this shampoo, I feel soft, touching them with my finger. In most cases, hair color shampoo is so delicate that it will not dye blonde hair purple.

Hair color shampoos contain more direct dyes. These are not as strong as hair dyes, but they can do well. Shampoo for color-treated hair is designed to remove any type of excess oil and dirt, and color-preserving formulas use the same basic cleansing ingredients. Color-safe shampoos not only work to preserve your pigment work but also help mask any imperfections. As well as it makes you feel softer and smoother.

What are the benefits of using color treated shampoo for regular hair?

Most people use color-treated shampoo at least once or twice a week, so why don’t you? Here are some reasons why you should always use color-treated shampoo.

Salon product 

People don’t realize that color-treated shampoos by professionals are effective, especially when treating bright and bolder colors. The professionals treat their hair with heat from styling products rather than bleach and other harsh chemicals. Because these chemicals get deeper, richer tones for great results.

Stronger and more intense

The professional color-treated shampoo is a salon product. So it’s stronger and more intense than your regular dye. According to experts, using color-treated shampoo helps the color last longer. Better quality hair dye translates to better results for your hair.

Reduce break hairs or damage

Another reason why you should use color-treated shampoo when you have colored hair. Using color-treated shampoo will protect your hair from breakage and damage.

Retain moisture and shine

You may have a lot of dry, brittle hair when you don’t use color-treated shampoo. If you use the right shampoo in your hair, you’ll retain more moisture and shine. The color-treated shampoo will help maintain your hair’s natural color and texture.


Most people think that parabens are just a chemical. But it is actually a preservative that can be found in shampoo. Parabens are a collective term for a group of more than 100 organic compounds. It is used as preservatives and humectants. Therefore, they’re not just found in color treated shampoo.

Prevent unwanted tone

The color treated shampoo is specially formulated to help counterbalance unwanted tones. It helps eliminate any brassiness, yellow undertones, or fading in your hair color. 

Save money

The ordinary shampoo will cost you money, and the results will be the same. On the other hand, color-safe shampoo gives extra shine to the hair. If you use a color-safe shampoo, you don’t have to spend much money sitting in a salon. 


Sulfate-free shampoos for colored hair will preserve the vitality and shine of your hair color. Color-safe most shampoos will keep the hair cuticles off to protect your hair with all the technical variations. Don’t panic washing your hair with sodium Laureth sulfate, color-safe shampoo. Colored hair shampoo will ensure less dry hair. It prevent the losing of your moisture and maintain a protective layer of oil. It protects your hair from dying of thirst. 

Less of frizziness

If you have colored hair, this type shampoo will be make your hair less frizzy. The best shampoo for colored hair will cleanse the hair while maintaining a healthy pH balance, such as color-safe shampoo. Moisturizing ingredients of colored hair shampoo will keep your hair hydrated and free of breakage.

My suggestion: Use color-treated shampoo because it is easier to rinse out than regular coloring shampoos. It's more concentrated and protects your hair from breakage and damage.

What is the best color treated shampoo?

what is the best color treated shampoo

The rich color-safe shampoo of natural and organic ingredients is usually the best. But it is often difficult to choose the best fit with chemically treated hair. There is numerous shampoos for chemically treated hair, till today. 

The first thing you should know about colored hair is it’s more delicate than its uncolored counterpart. It means that you will have to treat it a little differently. The most important feature of this shampoo is being careful with what products you use. 

There are tons of products on the market designed to mitigate the problems inherent in maintaining colored hair. Tresemme, L’Oreal, BIOLAGE, Nexxus, and more as colored treated shampoo. Here I’ll go over two of our favorites, so you can find one that suits your needs.

BIOLAGE Color last Shampoo

BIOLAGE Color last Shampoo
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Biologique Recherche’s Colorlast shampoo is uniquely formulated to deliver intense color protection. It also preserves the hair’s moisture balance. The gentle, sulfate-free formula contains a blend of natural oils. It nourishes and moisturizes without stripping or weighing down. This shampoo is paraben and silicone-free. The shampoo is hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

BIOLAGE Colorlast Shampoo helps extend the life of your color, fights the color fade process, and preserves the vibrancy of your hair color. This sulfate-free shampoo has a delicate floral fragrance. I feel this fragrance in my hair all day. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of natural extracts to nourish dry, damaged hair.

After using this shampoo, I feel less breakage of my hair. A unique, complex blend of botanical oils works on my hair to moisturize them. As well, it retains color while conditioning for healthy, shiny locks. Paraben and silicone-free formula can protect your hair while maintaining vibrant color. When your hair is color-treated, you want to give it the best care possible. BIOLAGE will protect its delicate strands maintain its vibrant colors.

Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair
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Many shampoo brands have been created specifically for color-treated hair. But Nexxus Sulfate-Free Shampoo contains protein and silicone free ingredients. This shampoo is designed to keep color vibrant while cleansing your hair effectively. It features a pump bottle with 33.8 fluid ounces of product. I used this shampoo several times. It leaves the dryness of my hair. And most people experience it after using these standard shampoos.

Nexxus Sulfate-Free Shampoo is enriched with protein fused with algae. It provides enhanced color vibrancy. The pump bottle makes it easy to dispense the right amount of shampoo. It is very lightweight and gives you a smooth feeling.

When I colored my hair, I was worried about the root of my hair. It was dry. One of my close friends has suggested me to use Nexxus. My 1st introduction to the Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo is awesome. This special shampoo is hypoallergenic and safe for daily use. Sometimes I use it when wearing nail polish or other beauty products.

What happens if you don’t use color-treated shampoo?

What happens if you don't use color-treated shampoo

Many people don’t use color-treated shampoo because they think it can damage their hair. But what actually happens if you don’t use color-treated shampoo?

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you don’t use color-treated shampoo. If you do not use color-safe shampoos, you will get rid of the dryness of the scalp. Dryness can cause itching, dandruff, or dry and scaly scalp patches. If you don’t use color-treated shampoo, you can breakage your hair. Your hair can fade if you use a normal shampoo. It may also create a lack of luster in your colored hair.

Like any other hair product, color-treated shampoo is a part of your overall hair care routine. It’s not a matter of if you should use colour protect shampoo. It’s a matter of when and how often.

Do shampoos for colored hair actually work?

Shampoos work for colored hair. Because they are made with lighter ingredients than regular shampoos. They have conditioner properties and can even contain color-enhancing or neutral colors. Color-safe shampoos not only work to preserve your pigment work but also help mask any imperfections. It makes strands feel softer and smoother. 

Color-treated hair requires a little more TLC. In addition to using hydrating shampoo and conditioner and color-reviving treatments, the shampoo is good for colored hair. Choosing the best shampoo for colored hair is important in any hair care routine for colored hair.

What about shampoos for colored hair that contain dyes?

Many people have different hair types that come in all colors. Hair can be dyed to change the color. But there are products out on the shelves specifically for colored hair. Some of these products contain ingredients that may alter your natural hair color. Or it can fade more quickly than usual. Some shampoos with dyes on the market may not provide any extra benefits.

Shampoos that are tinted to match the hair color you want help reinforce the color of your hair. For example, red tinted shampoos will help maintain the reddish hue inherent in most blondes. Shampoos with dyes also contain conditioners. It leaves in color treatment to keep your color looking vibrant. It depends on how often you wash your hair. You can use these products once or twice a week to keep your dyed locks looking their best.

Is there anything else I have to know?

Shampooing is an essential step when taking care of your hair. But did you know that overuse of shampoo can lead to premature graying of your hair?

It happens because the shampoo strips away the protective layer of oil on your scalp. As a result, it gets exposed to harmful elements, leading to premature aging of the hair follicles. It could happen even if you use good quality shampoo products. You should know more about colored hair.

  • Before using any product, always read the instructions carefully. Make sure you understand what each ingredient does and how it works.
  • Always keep a close eye on your hair while using this product. Do not let it dry out completely.
  • If you want to maintain healthy hair, you must avoid using color-treated shampoos instead of natural ones that will not harm your hair.

What can you do to protect your colored hair against premature graying? 

Here are some simple tips while using color shampoo:

Use conditioner instead of shampoo

Conditioners help in nourishing your hair and keeping it soft and moisturized. They also protect heat styling tools.

Wash your hair less often

Shampooing or try to wash your hair more than twice a week can strip away all the natural oils present on your scalp.

Avoid hot showers

Hot showers remove the moisture from your skin and hair. This makes it difficult for your hair to retain its natural oils.

Try adding baking soda to your shampoo

Baking soda has been used for centuries by people worldwide to treat their hair. It cleanses your scalp and prevents the buildup of dead cells.

Don’t brush your hair straight after showering

Brushing your hair straight after a long shower can make it frizzy. In addition, brushing your hair straight causes friction between the strands, further damaging your hair. Instead, wait until your hair becomes softer and smoother. Then gently comb through it with a wide-tooth comb.

Use Coconut oil

Sometimes using coconut oil in your colored hair will keep your hair moisture. Coconut oil contains extra moisture that is helpful for your regular to colored hair.

Avoid UV Rays

Try to avoid UV rays to have color longevity. When you bleach your hair using color, the sun can be the most damaging cause of your colored hair. Try not to go in the sun after frequent washing.

If you still face problems, consult a dermatologist who will give you some effective remedies.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use color-treated conditioner for regular hair?

Yes, you can use color-treated conditioner for normal hair. You can experiment by limiting your usage of conditioner and use it.

Can I use color-safe shampoo in normal hair?  

If you’re unsure which shampoo is best for your hair, you can choose color-safe shampoo. Because it is safer than normal shampoo.

Final Words

Many women color their hair to make it look better. Or they would like to maintain its vibrant hue. When they decide to go the route of coloring hair, most of them use normal shampoo. 

You may know the answer to this question: Can I use color treated shampoo for regular hair. So you are requested to read the entire post carefully.

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