Can you mix hair dye with conditioner: all the answers

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There are diverse opinions about mixing conditioner with hair dye. While some believe that it assists with making hair color last longer and uniformly distributes the dye, others claim that it leads to the loss of color strength. So can you mix hair dye with conditioner?

can you mix hair dye with conditioner

Is it a rational idea to mix hair dye with conditioner?

Although there are discrete points of view regarding dye and hair conditioner mixture, there are some apparent benefits and drawbacks to doing so. Read them below and see whether it is worth experimenting with or not!

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  • Conditioner can assist with the spreading process of hair dye as it will make it easier and smoother to apply to the hair.
  • It can prevent the hair dyes from expiring by acting as an effective sealant. So, the dye’s effect on hair will last longer.
  • In case you are working with box hair dye, it will lend a helping hand by improving the quality of the hair color.
  • The conditioner acts as a barrier so it can be useful to extend the durability of hair color.
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  • Using it too often might lead to the deterioration of hair quality and there is the possibility of getting damaged hair instead of the desired outcome.
  • There may be some accumulations on the scalp due to incomplete rinsing of the hair dye.
  • Its function as a barrier may end up in difficulties with removing the dye color as there might be situations when a person wants to change it.
  • The mandatory amount of conditioner might be considerably more than you apply usually so the cost may also increase.

An exceptional benefit of the mixture called “hair color conditioner”

If you are utilizing direct dye such as blue or magenta and you don’t want the color to look as colorful as it seems in the bowl, it will be helpful to add a hair conditioner to dilute hair dye.

It will result in a lighter shade and pastel tone.

So, the conditioner helps to achieve the wanted hair color.

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What are the results of adding conditioner to hair dyes?

The final effect depends on the type of hair coloring substance used. Therefore, the results and techniques of coloring may vary according to the hair dye.

In case you want to get your hair colored, make sure to read the information below carefully.

Based on the preference of the person, it is possible to choose between semi-permanent hair color and permanent hair color.

The ones who want to get long-lasting effects tend to purchase permanent hair dyes while the ones who are prone to constant changes might buy semi-permanent hair dyes.

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Semi-permanent hair dye with conditioner

According to hair stylists, it isn’t recommended to mix conditioner with permanent hair color instead it is advisable to mix it with semi-permanent hair dye. They state that adding permanent hair color will result in uneven distribution of the hair color.

The eventual answer to mixing semi-permanent dyes with conditioners is positive. Thus, some steps can make the hair dyeing process easier and more practical.

The first step is mixing hair dye and conditioner in non-metal bowls

Here it is utterly important to keep the ratio of mixtures in mind as any error can lead to undesirable outcomes. The ratio of mixing hair dye with conditioner is 1 to 3.

Therefore, for every one tbsp of semi-permanent hair color, there should be one-third of a cup of conditioner.

This combination should assist with protecting hair during the dyeing process. Therefore, it is vital to mix hair dye with conditioner according to the given ratio.

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The second step is stirring continuously to prevent the presence of uneven color

It is necessary to mix both substances properly to get a consistent final product, which will alleviate the application process.

The third step is to apply a mixture of conditioner and hair dye to the hair

You should start spreading the mixture steadily by using a dye brush. The process should begin from the roots and gradually reach the ends of the hair. Make sure to apply carefully and not leave any undyed hair strands.

The fourth step is leaving the mixture on your hair

The duration of the absorption process depends on the brand of the conditioner. It usually fluctuates between thirty minutes and one hour.

Here it is important not to rush the process and not rush before the prescribed time. The reason is the possibility of color getting rinsed out with water and all efforts going in vain.

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The fifth step is rinsing the mixture

The last thing to do is thoroughly rinse the mixture with cold water and make sure there are no leftovers of the conditioner in the hair.

Nevertheless, learn by heart that not all hair conditioners are suitable for mixing with hair dye. That is why it’s essential to get the right conditioner.

Permanent hair dye with conditioner

Despite the large number of users who tend to change, most women prefer permanent colors over semi-permanent hair dyes.

The overall outcome is the penetration of the dye deep into the roots by removing natural color.

There are also multiple steps to take to apply conditioner with fantasy colors. Although the process is almost the same, there is a difference in time that is necessary for the hair to absorb the mixture fully.

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The first step is to add conditioner to THE permanent hair color

It is necessary to mix conditioner with hair dye in a plastic bowl. The proportion is again one to three, which states that one tbsp of hair dye requires a one-third cup of conditioner. Mix the components according to the ratio to ensure the preferable ultimate result.

The second step is to mix conditioner with hair dye

In this step, stirring the conditioner carefully will assist with getting a subtle color because the dye will be thoroughly spread over the conditioner.

The third step is to apply the mixture

It is necessary to start applying conditioner from the roots and steadily go to the ends of the hair to ensure a thorough appliance.

The fourth step is to leave the mixture on your hair

Since it is not a semi-permanent hair color, the time for the dye to get fully absorbed is a bit longer than with a semi-permanent. It would approximately require forty-five minutes or one hour.


The fifth step is to rinse the mixture out

Finally, you have to wash off the mixture of dye with the conditioner in cold water. Make sure to rinse out completely and have no leftovers from the compound.

Some recommendations regarding mixing conditioner with permanent hair dye

It isn’t advisable to mix permanent hair dye with conditioner because it might dilute hair dye and change its original consistency. Thus, permanent hair color aims to have a long-lasting dye effect, and adding conditioner may dilute permanent hair dyes.

Moreover, if you are concerned about the healthiness of the hair after dyeing with permanent color, it is better to apply the hair mask and use coconut oil instead of mixing permanent hair color.

In addition, permanent dye is considerably harsher than semi-permanent color so they could cause hair damage.

Consequently, deciding to mix hair dye with conditioner requires quite a bit of thinking.

Purple shampoo with conditioner

It is feasible to mix the purple shampoo with a conditioner as it gives a desirable effect when it comes to looking after gray hair and improving yellow tones in blonde or yellow hair.

In addition, the purple shampoo contains antioxidants that help to hydrate dry hair improving the quality of color-treated hair.

If you are mixing conditioner with purple shampoo, make sure to mix in a one-to-one ratio. In other words, add equal amounts of shampoo and conditioner. After that stir the mixture completely and apply it to your hair carefully.

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Tips on how to choose the correct conditioner

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a suitable and correct conditioner to avoid undesirable effects such as damaging hair. Most of the time, moisturizing conditioners can prevent these outcomes from occurring.

It depends on the current condition of your hair and based on it you can choose what kind of effect you expect from the conditioner. If your hair is dry and damaged, it is an excellent idea to pick one with the functions of repairing and hydrating.

If you have color-treated hair, the conditioner with functions of protecting the color and refreshing it is a great choice.

It is necessary to choose a transparent or white conditioner so that it doesn’t combine with the dye’s color. Also, make sure the formula is free from ingredients such as silicone, parabens, synthetic fragrance, etc.

Consequently, the most important moment is avoiding the presence of harmful and dangerous chemicals in the consistency of the hair conditioner you are going to purchase.

The next thing to learn by heart is to make sure that there are nutrients and soothing components. For instance, olive oil, vitamins B5 and E, and almond oil are great examples of such ingredients. It will increase the possible benefits of the application of conditioner.

It will also improve the hair’s quality and enrich it with the necessary nutrients.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you mix hair dye with conditioner?

There are multiple opinions when it comes to deciding to mix conditioner with hair dye because the eventual result depends on the type of hair dye used and the process itself. But it definitely can dilute the hair dye color and prevent the dye from affecting the hair fully.

The conditioner plays a role of a sealant and therefore might prevent further damage caused by the dye. However, it also might result in leave-in conditioner on the scalp or among the hair strands.

Nevertheless, it is preferable to mix hair conditioners with semi-permanent dyes and pastel colors such as pink or green.

But mixing with a permanent one can give an undesired effect and change the consistency of the hair dye.

Can I mix hair dye with conditioner instead of developer?

The answer is negative since you cannot utilize the conditioner as a developer as they possess dissimilar features. The developer intends to open the hair cuticle and take out the color molecules.

So, if you are using conditioner to replace the developer, it can lead to hair cuticle sealing.

Can I dilute hair dye with conditioner?

The mixture of hair dye with conditioner dilutes the shade and changes the final hair colors. So, it is possible to dilute the dye with conditioner but it is necessary to be careful and pay attention to the type of dye.

Can you put hair dye into conditioner?

As stated above, it depends on the type of hair dye such as semi-permanent or permanent, and the result will also be different.

It is mostly recommended to make use of a conditioner with a dye that is semi-permanent because the usage of a permanent one can disrupt the distribution of the color.


While conditioner might dilute the final hair colors, it is necessary to be extra careful if you decide to merge conditioner and hair dye. Even though some claim that it is alright to utilize conditioner with both types of hair dyes, not all experts recommend mixing it with permanent dyes.

Not only can it result in uneven distribution but it also can change the desired effect. Therefore, make sure to carefully follow the instructions stated by the manufacturer of the hair dye.

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