How long do you wait to wash hair after henna?

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How long do you wait to wash hair after henna
How long do you wait to wash hair after henna

After applying Henna, different people experiment with different timing of hair wash as they have different types of hair. We get to see the waiting period would be at least 10 to half an hour after applying. But if you prolong that time even more then you will get a better result.

By the way, we believe you want to see your colourful hair and don’t want to risk damaging hair with chemicals? 

Then we must say, Henna is a popular choice when we want to avoid all harmful chemicals and at the same time want our hair to become colourful. 

It comes with a double packaged foil bag and when you are going to use it then you only need to follow a few steps only. 

How long do you wait to wash hair after henna?

The wait to wash Henna takes long when you want to see long lasting colour adjustment with hair. We get to see different scenarios, for example, if you wash hair after Henna in just 10 minutes then it won’t work out. So let’s talk about how it will work after applying. 

The best application of using henna on your hair will take 45 minutes long. Yes, it is tiring to leave the thick ingredients on your scalp and wait for it. But if you want the application will be effective so all the ingredients of Henna will perform then do this. 

Don’t get surprised to know that the time will be extended up to 6 hours, however we suggest 45 minutes. So, the question arises, why is the timing variable? Well, it is because there are different types of hair, some are curly on the other hand some are dry or silky. Therefore, it takes 20 minutes for someone, on the flip side, it is better to wash after a few hours. 

If you go with the overnight solution then don’t forget to cover your pillow and bed with dark colored towels. 

What happens if you don’t wait to wash your hair after henna?

What happens if you don't wait to wash your hair after henna

Washing your hair after Henna application is a must but most of the time we become hasty to clean it out. We recommend you to hold your patience.

Let’s talk about first- what happens when you wash your hair at the right time? Well, you will feel your hair a bit thicker than previously also, it will be lustrous, super soft however, it will become dry. So, after washing the Henna then it will take a day to get rid of the dryness.

Now, if you won’t prepare your washing perfectly then the Henna ingredients won’t be effective, as it turns out, you won’t get to see the visible colourful hair. 

How do you wash your hair after applying henna?

How do you wash your hair after applying henna
How do you wash your hair after applying henna

When you apply henna then you must think about the steps of washing your hair. If you wash your hair early then the colour of henna will run out soon. 

On the other hand, if you use normal water then the colour won’t stick to the hair that much. So, we recommend you boil 250 ml water in a pan and leave the flame on a medium temp. 

Interestingly, we will recommend you to add raw tea when you see it is starting boiling, the process is just like you prepare a cup of tea. Now, boil the water for 5 minutes afterwards, strain the boiled tea water. Once you are done then cool down completely. Now follow the below steps: 

  1. Add aloe vera gel (2 tbsp) when the boiled water is cooled down and mixed it well.
  2. After applying Henna, you can go for a shower
  3. No shampoo required to apply after using henna rather conditioning  your hair using the tea water mixed with aloe vera gel
  4. Now keep that tea water for 3 to 4 minutes on hair then rinse again
  5. Use a wrapping towel and leave that towel for a few minutes to soak up
  6. Additionally, we recommend you to use coconut oil and apply it thoroughly for better results.

Note: We have just recommended tea to mix with boiled water. But this is not limited to it; rather you may also apply vinegar or apple cider vinegar, and lemon as well. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I co-wash my hair after henna?

Co-wash is very helpful for your hair treatment after using henna. It helps to detangle your hair so that your hair will be more softer, flexible, and colourful. By the way, you can implement this co-wash after the colouring treatment along with the conditioners.

How often should you wash your henna colored hair?

We will suggest you wash your henna colored hair after two or three days later. By the way, if your shampoo still works when it is sulphate and paraben free then you can apply the shampoo everyday since it won’t be that much harmful for your hair.

Final Words

The final words to you, take a long break if you have patience for at least 2 hours. Then you will find an amazing reddish tint. Even though you are hasty and wash your hair just after a few minutes then still it will work. Because thankfully, the colour of henna is pretty effective and long-lasting. By the way, the first time experience would be scary a bit since Henna will make your hair dry so keep shampooing for a few days so you will get rid of it.

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