How Soon Can You Wash Hair After Keratin Treatment in 2023?

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Are you considering a keratin treatment to tame your unruly locks and achieve smooth, frizz-free hair? You’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify keratin treatments and delve into the crucial aspects of post-treatment hair care, including “how soon can you wash hair after keratin treatment,” to ensure you get the most out of your investment in hair health.

Short Summary

  • Understanding Keratin Treatments involves selecting a reputable salon and stylist, implementing the right hair care tips, and using appropriate hair products.
  • Waiting to wash hair after a keratin treatment is critical. Wait for a first hair wash at least 72 hours but 12 hours is acceptable if necessary.
  • Maintain results of the keratin hair treatment by choosing sulfate-free products, utilizing microfiber towels for drying, opting for wide-toothed combs when detangling wet hair from ends & following heat styling precautions.

Understanding Keratin Treatments


It is essential to research the various options in keratin treatments and secure a reliable hair salon along with an experienced stylist if you want the best results for your straighter, frizz-free locks.

With regular maintenance which includes proper post-treatment aftercare as well as choosing quality haircare products plus suitable washing habits, it will be easier to prolong the success of your treatment.

Keratin itself is a protein that naturally resides in one’s mane making this process gentler than traditional methods while offering long term effects for smoother tresses from its use.

The Importance of Waiting to Wash Hair After a Keratin Treatment


It is essential to wait before washing your hair after a keratin treatment in order for the procedure to be effective and achieve its desired results. Being too hasty by cleansing or soaking it can diminish the effect of this service, so proper care must be taken during this waiting time.

For that reason, you should not submerge your scalp nor over-wet your locks when taking a shower after such treatment. Refrain from putting up hairstyles for at least three days following application and use caution while styling with blow dryers on high heat settings.

How Long Should You Wait to Wash Hair After a Keratin Treatment?


It is best to wait a minimum of 72 hours prior to hair washing after going through a keratin treatment. This waiting duration allows for the application and absorption of the product into natural or colored locks, making sure you get maximum results from it.

If you wash your hair earlier than that, then there’s a chance that any beneficial effects will be reduced or might even disappear altogether.

If you really have no other choice but to shampoo sooner than recommended timing, at least 12 hours should pass before hand and using dry shampoo could also be an option in this situation. For ideal outcomes, abiding by the mentioned 72-hour period would still remain as preferable course of action.

Preparing for Your First Post-Treatment Hair Wash


As your hair wash date draws near, it’s essential to take the proper steps in preparation such as choosing suitable haircare items and tools like a microfiber towel and wide-toothed comb. For some helpful advice on how to make sure that your locks remain soft, healthy, and free of frizziness Keep reading!

In this article we’ll provide you with tips on selecting appropriate products for your hair type plus instructions for properly utilizing these essentials so as to guarantee smooth tresses post washing.

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

Maintaining the efficacy of your keratin treatment is possible by selecting the appropriate hair care products. Free from harsh substances like sodium chloride and sulfates, suitable items include L’Oreal Paris EverPure Frizz-Defy Shampoo & Conditioner as well as Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Color Care Duo.

When washing treated locks with a sulfate free shampoo, make sure to rinse off shortly after applying it on scalp while using gentle massage motions to ensure both cleanliness and hydration are provided without any damage incurred in regards to keratin application.

Utilizing a Microfiber Towel

When it comes to keeping your keratin-treated hair frizz-free, a microfiber towel is the best way to go. Unlike regular cotton towels that can cause friction and damage treated strands, Aquis’ Microfiber Towel not only absorbs extra moisture but also prevents tangling in order to speed up drying time.

To get full benefits from this product while washing your hair, let the soft material soak any excess water for three minutes so as minimize damage due to harsh toweling afterwards!

Opting for a Wide-Toothed Comb

Using a wide-toothed comb rather than a wet brush is suggested when untangling hair post keratin treatment. Wide toothed combs are gentler on the treated tresses, helping evade splitting and harm of the hair shafts. This type of combing tool works best for those with curly or thick strands as it minimizes potential breakage thanks to its widely spaced teeth.

When using this kind of implement, start at your locks’ ends gradually working up towards their roots being tender in order not to inflict extra damage – Ensure that you apply it onto wet locks so no more destruction occurs afterwards.

Tips for Washing Hair After a Keratin Treatment


Now that you have all the information for a successful post-treatment washing hair, we will discuss two important points: monitoring water temperature and quality. It’s essential to use a mild shampoo specific to your hair type during washing, and be sure to apply it using gentle circular motions as well.

To protect the integrity of your mane, keep an eye on both the temperature and condition of any H2O used in cleansing or conditioning. This ensures optimal results!

Water Temperature and Quality

It is essential to use lukewarm water when washing keratin treated hair in order to maintain the benefits of the treatment. Using hard water can strip away all its advantages to wash your hair, so a good temperature range for optimal results is around 100°F (38°C).

This should also be accompanied by soft-water and sulfate free shampoo, this combination will ensure that your mane retains its smoothness and frizzlessness after every wash. Taking care not to excessively dry your hair with H2O during washes helps make sure you are making full use of what keratin has done for it.

Gentle Shampooing Technique

When cleaning your keratin-treated hair, it’s vital to delicately rub in the shampoo on your scalp and focus especially around the roots. Avoid putting too much strain on strands when washing as this can cause damage to the hair shaft while diminishing the effects of treatment results.

After a gentle scrubbing motion, rinse well with water and add conditioner if desired for extra hydration or protection from heat styling products, etc.

Remember that using gentler methods during haircare is essential for preserving treated locks looking great longer! Being careful while shampooing helps maintain optimal nourishment of your hair. Keep it strong & healthy always.

Conditioning and Rinsing


Applying conditioner after shampooing is necessary in order to keep your keratin treated hair looking smooth and shiny. This product helps rehydrate the strands, as well as restoring balance.

It’s suggested that you avoid applying it too close to the scalp since its fatty ingredients can cause buildup over time if not rinsed off properly. Leave this in for 3-5 minutes before thoroughly washing out so that a frizz free look of freshly keratin treated locks can be maintained!

Caring for Your Keratin-Treated Hair


Prolonging the effects of keratin treatment and maintaining frizz-free hair after it can be done with regular care. In this section, we’ll discuss how to take proper precautions when using heat styling tools, having maintenance touch-ups on a schedule basis, as well as changes in your hair care routine.

By doing all these steps you will ensure that your post keratin treated tresses remain smooth for an extended period of time.

Heat Styling Precautions

It is important to avoid using any high-temperature styling tools, like hair dryers set on a high heat setting or flat irons and curling wands for at least two weeks after getting a keratin treatment. This will help keep the result of your treated hair looking smooth, shiny and free from frizziness for an extended time.

A good solution would be air drying it instead or keeping the temperature of your hairdryer low when blow drying it. Applying heat protectants should also always be remembered in order to preserve the effects of this kind of procedure done on one’s locks while preventing additional damage caused by too much use of heating products used daily.

Regular Maintenance and Touch-Ups

It is important to maintain your keratin-treated hair by booking regular appointments with a stylist, approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. During these checkups, the hairstylist will be able to assess how well the treatment has been holding up and make any necessary alterations.

It’s important that you use appropriate products for washing such as sulfate free shampoo along with microfiber towel drying when finished in order to keep treated tresses looking their best! Employing wide tooth combs or minimizing heat styling tool usage can help preserve healthy locks of hair even further.

Hair Care Routine Adjustments

To make sure your keratin treatment has lasting effects, it’s essential to update your hair care routine. This includes using sulfate-free products so that the results aren’t washed away and being gentle when brushing or combing by not tugging too hard with a microfiber towel for drying as an alternative method.

You should use a deep conditioning mask once weekly in order to maintain hydration of tresses post procedure which will assist in preserving the fabulous look produced from this hair transformation service over time.

By incorporating these key elements into regular maintenance habits, all users can benefit from the extended duration experience afforded by their new keratin remedy regimen!


By utilizing the guidelines and tips in this helpful guide, such as waiting at least 72 hours to wash your hair after a keratin treatment, using sulfate-free products for upkeep, and taking heat styling precautions—you can maintain beautiful frizz-free tresses.

Don’t hesitate on investing into that sleek transformation knowing you have all it takes to sustainably keep treated locks looking their best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my hair after 2 days of keratin?

It is advised that individuals refrain from washing their hair for a period of at least three days after receiving a keratin treatment, as this allows the protein to connect with the strands and form an outer layer which protects against frizz. This time allotted also gives it enough opportunity to properly seal in cuticles.

How Soon Can You Wash Hair After Keratin Treatment?

For best results, it is suggested to let the keratin treatment set and bond with your hair before washing for a minimum of 3 days. Washing within 12 hours following the procedure should not be done in order to preserve its effects on tresses.

Why is my hair still frizzy after keratin treatment?

Having frizzy hair after a keratin treatment can often be the result of product buildup. This is because oils, styling products and pollutants adhere to the strands over time and create a layer which weighs them down, thus preventing proper application of the treatment.

To prevent this issue, it’s necessary to use clarifying shampoo before your appointment as well as on an ongoing basis in order to preserve its effects long-term.

What type of hair care products should I use after a keratin treatment?

To preserve the effects of a keratin treatment, using hair products without sodium chloride or sulfates is essential. Doing so can help keep your hair looking and feeling great.

How should I dry my hair after washing it post-keratin treatment?

Using a microfiber towel to gently pat your hair dry and get rid of extra moisture is beneficial in preventing frizziness. Air drying can help maintain the healthiness of your locks, but if you need it done quickly, using a low heat setting on your blow dryer will yield the same results without compromising any damage that could be caused by excessive styling.

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I’m Amelia. I have been working with hair care product shampoo and conditioner for 6 long years. This website is an outlet of my deep passion for hair, Shampoo and Conditioner. Basically, I'm here to guide you on shampoo and conditioner.

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