How to Make Shampoo Less Harsh- (the easiest method)

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How To Make Shampoo Less Harsh
How To Make Shampoo Less Harsh

Shampoo with extreme harshness is a threat to your hair. If you continuously use a harsh shampoo, it’ll make your hair lifeless. Most people don’t have an exact idea of how to make shampoo less harsh. Besides, they don’t know what the beneficial sides of making shampoo less harsh are. 

Making shampoo less harsh is very simple as you’ll need to add some ingredients. Along with water, you can add olive or coconut oil for softening your shampoo. Applying aloe vera gel and conditioner also brings some outstanding output.

However, the less harsh shampoo comes with fewer detergent ingredients. If your shampoo is extremely harsh, you can determine it by observing some factors. The dead scalp, frizzy hair, etc. will remind you about the bad hair condition.

What is the least harsh shampoo?

The least harsh shampoo contains less harmful detergents. It’s useful for your skin and the growth of hair. The least harsh shampoos don’t come with any sulfate ingredient. It won’t give your scalp the feel of flame.

  • If you’re looking for the budget-friendly least harsh shampoo, you can look at L’Oreal Paris ever pure shampoo.
  • For the improvement of hair color, use dpHUE color fresh shampoo.
  • For brittle hair, the TGIN moisture-rich sulfate-free shampoo could be a good choice. It’s one of the least harsh shampoos.

How do you know if your shampoo is too harsh?

How do you know if your shampoo is too harsh
How do you know if your shampoo is too harsh

The harsh shampoo is injurious to your hair’s health. Some factors can help you to determine if your shampoo is too harsh. Let’s check those factors below.

Examine the scalp first

After using the harsh shampoo, your scalp will feel dry. The hair will be tight after every wash. Dehydration of the scalp directly creates an impact on your hair and creates several problems. Besides, the harsh shampoo makes the hair itchy day by day.

Observe the hair color

Are your hair colors losing their luster? Then it’s possible that your shampoo is too harsh to cope with your hair. The harsh shampoo creates a negative impact on the pigments of the hair. As a result, it loses its authentic color and starts to feel super frizzy.

Determine the frizzy hair

When the hair is frizzy, it seems unmanageable. After using a harsh shampoo, your hair will tangle a lot. As a result, a huge hair-fall issue arises. This problem makes it difficult to style your hair.

Observe if the Hair is losing its shine

Lack of shine is the most common problem of using harsh shampoo. Due to the natural oil of the shampoo, your hair starts to shine. But, a harsh shampoo hinders the successful implementation of natural oil. For this reason, your hair will start to lose its shine and look lifeless.

Notice the hair texture

Undefined hair texture is another indicator of harsh shampoo. Your hair should look healthy and bouncy if your shampoo isn’t harsh. Otherwise, your hair will look dull. Losing the texture of your hair isn’t a good sign for your hair’s future.

How to Make Shampoo Less Harsh?

How to Make Shampoo more Less Harsh

If you have harsh shampoo, you should change it immediately. Rather than wasting the whole shampoo, you can follow the following tricks to make the shampoo less harsh.

Apply water

The easiest method of removing the harshness of your shampoo is by applying sufficient water. Take some water in a mug and put the necessary shampoo inside it. Then, dilute the solution and apply it to the hair. The harshness will disappear in this way.

Mix a few spoons of oil

If you are looking for a more effective way, then go for the oil option. Using olive oil is highly recommended by hair experts. What about mixing it with your harsh shampoo? Apply 1 spoon of olive oil with the harsh shampoo and make a perfect mixture. You can also use coconut oil if you’re out of olive oil. Now, apply it throughout the hair and get a positive result.

Go for aloe vera gel

Your shampoo already may have sufficient oil along with its mixture. Therefore, think about applying some gel inside the solution. Applying gel with your harsh shampoo makes it less harsh effectively. Along with aloe vera gel, you can also use glycerin, honey, and flaxseed gel. This action will make the shampoo more nourishing as well as less harsh.

Apply conditioner

The last step is to apply the conditioner. To make the shampoo milder, add a cheap conditioner with it. The harsh condition will be removed after mixing it. However, it’s mandatory to apply conditioner after the wash despite you’ve mixed it with the shampoo.

What are the benefits of making shampoo less harsh?

What are the benefits of making shampoo less harsh

Making your shampoo less harsh is beneficial for the improvement of your health. Let’s see how less harsh shampoo brings some health benefits to your hair.

Develops the scalp

A less harsh or mild shampoo is positively effective on your scalp. It hydrates the scalp which is essential for rapid hair growth. Besides, the development of the scalp helps to strengthen the root of the hair. A less harsh shampoo won’t let your scalp dry after a certain time of use.

Brings the shiny look

For moisturizing the scalp, the hair starts to get its life back. The pigments on the hair receive all the necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals quickly. As a result, your hair becomes shiny again and gets a silky look.

Reduces hair fall

By promoting hair growth, a less harsh shampoo makes your hair denser. It reduces hair fall on a larger scale. Using a less harsh shampoo gives a strong root to the hair. That’s why there will be almost zero hair fall issues after using it.

Improves the hair texture

Along with calming the scalp, the hair texture gets restored by the less harsh shampoo. Any kind of hair texture must be improved if someone uses the less harsh shampoo accordingly. Your hair looks healthy and bouncy for the improved hair texture because of this shampoo.

Restores the natural hair color

Some of the less harsh shampoos come with hair-darkening ingredients. After using them regularly, all the gray hairs, as well as white hairs, will disappear. To restore the natural hair color, you can’t help but avoid the less harsh shampoo.

Should I dilute my shampoo?

Diluting your shampoo is mandatory if it’s not mild enough. Without diluting it, you can’t get your desired result from the shampoo. Instead, it’ll bring some scalp problems along with dry hair issues.  

However, it’s a common question: how to make shampoo less harsh? The best way is to add some water to reduce the high concentration of chemicals in the shampoo. You can also add some aloe vera gel and glycerin for diluting the harsh shampoo.

How do you soften shampoo?

Softening the shampoo is all about adding some ingredients. It’ll help to dilute the concentration of the shampoo. Let’s check what ingredients can be added easily to soften your shampoo.

Divide the shampoo into two bottles

First, divide the shampoo into two different bottles. Put the shampoo carefully without wasting a drop. You can use the funnel to shift the shampoo in different bottles.

Apply water

Now, you need to apply water with the shampoo. Slowly add water to the bottle and mix carefully. Then, the shampoo will be diluted.

Mix oil or gel

It’s time to add the oil first. Apply olive oil or coconut oil with the solution. Besides, you can apply aloe vera gel with the solution. It’ll remove the harshness of the shampoo. Moreover, the shampoo will be diluted according to your desire.

Apply conditioner

The last step is to apply the conditioner. To make the shampoo milder, you need to add a cheap conditioner with it. The harsh condition will be removed after mixing it. However, it’s mandatory to apply conditioner after the wash despite you’ve mixed it with the shampoo.

Frequently Asked Question:

It’s time to discuss some common questions related to the least harsh shampoo.

Would diluting shampoo make it less harmful?

If the shampoo comes with any harmful ingredient, then diluting it won’t bring any positive result. But, the diluted authentic shampoo is useful for the scalp as well as hair. It saves the scalp from being dry and easily restores the shiny appearance of hair.

How much water is in shampoo?

To make the harsh shampoo less harsh, it’s essential to add an adequate amount of water. But, the liquid shampoo generally contains 75-85% of water. Water is used by the manufacturer to reduce the irritation by the harsh detergents.


You must have understood the necessity of the less harsh shampoo now. For maintaining the shiny appearance and silky look of your hair, applying harsh shampoo is mandatory. You can’t use the harsh shampoo regularly unless you want to get a dehydrated scalp.

The problem “how to make shampoo less harsh” exists no more as you already know the easiest method. To supply sufficient nutrients to your hair, you need to dilute the shampoo solution. And, water is the best solute to add with the harsh shampoo.

Besides, you can go for aloe Vera gel, olive oil, coconut oil, and many more relevant things. After using the diluted shampoo solution, you can see the improvement of your hair. Along with restoring the natural color, your hair will be extremely shiny.

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