How to neutralize red tones in blonde hair: the main guide

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As you know, even dark hair is not immune from the presence of a red tint that spoils the beauty of coloring. And for blondes, this is a common problem. Therefore, often people think about how to neutralize red tones. There are several simple methods for this. So if you do not know how to neutralize red tones in your hair, read this article.

how to neutralize red tones in blonde hair


Before starting to study the question of how to neutralize red tones in hair, you should familiarize yourself with what tones will neutralize redness in your hair. To refine the tones that will help neutralize the red tones, it makes sense to take a closer look at the color wheel.

Red tones and green hues are the complete opposite. Therefore, you can get rid of the red pigment using its opposite color.

This is not to say that green is the only color that helps to cope with red tones.

If you notice red and orange tones in your hair and want to get rid of unwanted red tones, then it is better to choose green pigments. Unwanted scarlet tones can be removed with the help of blue or purple pigment, which is part of special hair shampoos.

Orange tones also spoil the beauty of staining. Especially if the girl decided to make blond cold colors. As you know, orange tones are considered warm tones, so not all color types are appropriate. If you want to remove orange tones from your hair, it makes sense to use blue shampoo.

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Causes of the appearance of scarlet tones and the fight against them

For many, the task of neutralizing the red tones is essential to maintaining the look. However, you need to understand why unwanted red tones in hair. On blonde hair, they give ugly yellow tones, which is extremely unfavorable for cold shades.

Unwanted red tones in hair may appear due to environmental pollution. As you know, the air, due to the work of factories, contains numerous chemicals. When they come into contact with shades in the hair, they contribute to their damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair every day to wash off all the impurities from your hair at the end of the day. Neutralizing red tones are quite simple because there are many methods for this. It doesn’t matter if you have blonde hair or dark brown hair.

Red hair is the hardest to work with. However, if you have red hair, you should not refuse to use some methods. They help make red tones in your hair cleaner and brighter.

Neutralization methods

The change of shades in the hair can occur in different ways, depending on the place of residence and field of activity. If you notice that your hair has begun to change its shade, then you are faced with one of the following reasons, namely:

  • exposure to ultraviolet;
  • too polluted air;
  • improper coloring with hair dye;
  • use of poor-quality hair dye;
  • chlorine in water;
  • the natural process of changing pigments;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • illness and pregnancy.

Many people find it difficult to remove red tones from their hair. However, this is easy to do if you use simple methods. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the hair salon and pay big money. Read more about the main methods that help neutralize the red tones in your hair, which are discussed below.

Using green or blue-tinted shampoo

On the market, there is a large assortment of tinting shampoos that helps neutralize red tones. You can find both green toning shampoo and blue toning shampoo. The tool helps cleanse the scalp of impurities, as well as remove the red tone from the hair.

Green Toning Shampoo or Blue Toning Shampoo may vary in cost. However, they contain an almost identical blue-green food dye that helps neutralize the red tones.

You can find a blue tinting shampoo, which is based on plant extracts. It struggles with scarlet tones in the hair.

At the same time, due to the content of natural ingredients in the blue tinting shampoo, the hair does not be damaged.

You can also find a universal tinting shampoo that works on both brown and blond hair. You can use the tinting shampoo in combination with your usual hair care routine to restore the hair shaft after coloring.

Using a toning shampoo is quite simple. First, you need to study the instructions and follow them correctly. It is often recommended to apply your own toning shampoo to cleansed hair for 5-10 minutes, then rinses with running water.

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Using ammonia-free dye

If you are worried about red tones in your hair, instead of a tinted shampoo, you can use hair dye, which does not contain ammonia. As you know, ammonia is an aggressive component, therefore it can damage the structure of the strands. If you are not satisfied with the natural hair color, and you want to dye your hair, pay attention to such products.

Hair dyes containing ammonia provoke the appearance of red tones in the hair. Therefore, after dyeing with such products, you often have to use a tinting shampoo to maintain the desired hair color.

Special hair color removers

If you are worried that your hair color has changed and red tones have appeared, you can get rid of them. To do this, there are special tools that should be used only in the most emergency case. The essence of such products is that they completely change the shade of the hair, removing the pigment.

Yes, you can remove unwanted hair color with safer products. Many people like to fight unwanted shades in their hair with bleaching. The product penetrates the internal structure of the hair and dissolves any hair color.

You can remove strange shades in your hair using special dyes. This is the best solution for those who want to quickly and safely change their appearance. You can work with them at home, which saves on going to the hairdresser. However, you should not use these methods all the time.

Application of special gloss

If you want to change the shade in your hair, you can use a special gloss with a glossy texture. The essence of the method is that it needs to mix a special pigment with a developer. You can improve hair color if you leave the product for 15-20 minutes.

With a new and beautiful hair color, you can walk for up to 30 days. Such compositions not only help to remove unwanted shades in the hair but also make the strands more shiny and healthy.

This is because the compositions are prepared based on proteins. They were designed for owners of color-treated hair. There is a wide range of hair glosses on the market that help remove unwanted pigment from dyed hair. They were designed for owners of color-treated hair. However, be prepared for the fact that the process has to be repeated regularly.

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Application of food coloring

If you have dyed hair, then you can return the desired hair color with food coloring. The tone of the pigment depends on what shades in the hair you fight. Green food coloring can be used to remove brassy tones. Therefore, this is not the best solution for owners of red hair.

Green food dye is appropriate not only in the fight against brassy tones. It also helps to neutralize other similar unwanted tones. You need to pour the green food dye into a container and combine it with the ammonia-free hair dye.

Then add some baking soda and apply it to your hair. Leave on for 15-30 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Be careful not to get the green food coloring mixture on your skin. After all, it stains, and an allergic reaction may occur due to the content of hair dye.

Applying blue or purple food dye

Purple or blue shampoo removes unwanted tones from hair pretty well. Note that purple food coloring can be used as an alternative. This solution is optimal for those who cannot find a special shampoo.

Purple food dye is appropriate for owners of blond or gray hair. It helps in neutralizing red tones. The dye can be used to prepare your toning shampoo, which allows you to remove unwanted shades in your hair.

It makes the hair color colder and more neutral. Apply the product to damp hair. Add the dye to a small amount of hair shampoo, and apply it to the strands. Massage the strands for a few minutes, then rinse. This time is enough for unwanted shades in the hair to disappear.

Toner to neutralize red tones

If you want to neutralize red tones, you can use a special toner. The tool helps to ensure that the shades in the hair are uniform. This achieves a natural look.

The tool helps to neutralize red tones. On the market, there is a large assortment of products that differ in shade. These options are universal. They can be used on light, dark brown, and red hair.

If you are the owner of red hair, then it is better to look for toners that have an ashy or gray tint. If you have dark or brown hair, then it is better to find toners with a green base. This removes unwanted red tones.

Creating your own tonic

To neutralize the red undertones in your hair, you can make your own toner. This requires an acidic environment. You can use regular vinegar. Also, prepare citric acid and some green tea.

Mix vinegar with water in equal proportions, then apply to the strands. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Homemade toner keeps the shade you got from the hair dye.

Pigments do not wash out as quickly. Homemade toners are the best solution for those who do not want to buy expensive products. They are appropriate for blondes and owners of brown strands.

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The use of olive oil

If you are looking for a safe and affordable remedy that removes red tones from your hair, you can use olive oil. The composition contains many healthy fats that favorably affect the appearance and health of a person.

A mask based on olive oil helps to cope with red tones in the hair. This is the best solution for those who suffer from dry strands. Apply a mixture of olive, coconut, and castor oils. Leave for 1-1.5 hours, then rinse well.

Application of apple cider vinegar

As you know, apple cider vinegar is acidic. It helps you quickly and effectively deal with red tones in your hair. This is because the product helps restore the pH of the hair. Even owners of brown or dark hair can use apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar helps to remove orange or red tones. Additionally, it helps remove dirt and residues from styling products. Fill a container with some water, and pour in a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Rinse the strands with the prepared product, and leave for 20 minutes.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with cool water. I must say that apple cider vinegar helps not only to remove red tones from brown hair. The tool effectively cleanses the scalp, and can easily replace expensive peels.

Prevention of red tones in hair

It is easier to prevent the appearance of red tones on the hair. After all, dealing with them is much more difficult.

Use of special shampoos and hair conditioners

Do not skimp on hair care, especially if you are prone to red tones in your hair. If you color your hair, avoid using products that contain sulfates. Remember to use a toning shampoo or hair conditioner every week.

Shelter from the sun

Constant contact with ultraviolet light can provoke the appearance of red tones on the hair. Therefore, try to stop using solarium. Also, when going out, try to wear hats.

Try to spend less time in pools with chlorinated water, or in seawater. Especially if you have recently dyed your hair. After contact with salt water or chlorine, the first 6 hours should not be in contact with ultraviolet light. This prevents the appearance of red tones in the hair.

Application of special shower filters

If you install special filters on the shower, then the minerals contained in the water do not penetrate the hair. Therefore, the hair retains its shine. By doing this, you can prevent the appearance of red tones. Shower filters are the best solution for those with curly or coarse hair.

Considering that the filter retains iron and chlorine, the hair retains its shade after dyeing much longer.

Red tones appear much less frequently.

Less contact with heat

To make red tones appear less often on the hair, contact with heat should be minimized. This applies to the use of a hair dryer, hair straighteners, etc. It is recommended to wash your head with slightly cool water.

Every week you need to use moisturizing hair conditioners or masks. This keeps the nutrients inside the hair, which prevents the appearance of red tones.

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Red tones on the hair are not uncommon. They are faced by most of the world’s population. When it comes to neutralizing red tones in your hair, there are a lot of questions you can ask.

First of all, I want to say that it is important not to save on specialists and components and go for a procedure with trusted hairdressers or buy quality products. This is because the result of your economy can negatively affect the color and quality of your hair. Also, remember that following the instructions clearly greatly increases your chances of a successful result.

How do you get natural red tones out of blonde hair?

Girls with blond hair can use a special shampoo with green pigment. You can buy it at your nearest pharmacy. You can also use green food coloring, which is added to your regular shampoo. This will quickly and effectively remove red tones in the hair.

Will purple shampoo get rid of red tones?

This is not to say that purple shampoo completely removes red hair. However, it helps to smooth out the saturation, and visually it seems that the hair color is natural. The consumption of shampoo is quite economical. However, it fights well with bronze or copper tones.

Some girls like to dye their hair orange or red. In this case, the use of this shampoo helps to make the pigment less bright.

What hair toner cancels out red?

A green tint helps to get rid of red and red tones in the hair. Because it is the opposite color of red, it helps to neutralize it. Green tones make warm tones in the hair look cooler.


As you can see, dealing with red tones in the hair is quite simple. The main thing is to choose a method that is available to you. It is important to focus on what shade your hair is dyed.\

I hope that my tips are useful for you and you will get exactly the shade of hair that you dreamed about. I would love to see your feedback and questions in the comments.

I will also be grateful for your proven advice on this topic. I think they will be useful for me and my readers.

After all, my blog was created not only for me to tell you useful information, but also for a dialogue with my favorite readers.

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