Can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair?

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Can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair
Can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair

Maybe you got surprised when the question arises, can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair? Don’t be shocked. Indeed, you can smoothly apply Vaseline lotion to your hair scalp. Vaseline provides miniaturization on your hair. Vaseline is a famous brand for skincare. We know that Vaseline helps to protect the skin from dryness. It provides miniaturization and makes skin healthy, shiny, and beautiful. 

Vaseline blends hair skin with moisture. Hair is also part of our body’s skin. So we will show you how to apply vaseline lotion to your hair. Read our blog and make your hair shinier than before.

What is Vaseline used for?

Vaseline is one kind of petroleum jelly that provides moisture to your skin. It also breakage the dryness and keeps your skin healthy. The petroleum jelly is made with a mixture of mineral oils, olive, wax, and lanolin.

Most people used vaseline moisturizer body lotion for skincare. Vaseline works as a protective barrier for dry skin. The benefits of vaseline is given below:

Lock your Moisturizer

Vaseline has incredible ingredients that lock your face in moistures. It moistures the dry, inflamed, and cracked area. It contains essential oils that prevent irritation from dry skin or cracked lips.

Removes makeup

Vaseline comes with coconut oil ingredients and can gently remove your makeup. When you put mascara on your eye, it is hard to remove. Applying the vaseline makes it easy to remove mascara and keep your eyelash healthy. Apply a tiny amount of vaseline on eyelashes for a glossy look. It is one kind of conditioner for your lashes.

Hair moisturizer

Vaseline is also used for your hair care. Vaseline is good for frizz, flyaways, split ends of your hair, and can provide moisture on the dry scalp. Now take small amount of vaseline on your scalp as keratin. It is one kind of hair mask to make the hair thick. Wrap your hair with a towel for a few hours. After that, wash your hair with shampoo, use hair dye, and see the change. Vaseline can prevent hair loss dandruff and help hair growth.  You can use vaseline on your hair product as a styling gel.

Prevents sticking 

Vaseline works as a cleaner of your cosmetics. Rub Vaseline on your earrings or shoes and make them shiny. Vaseline can be used as a sleeper to prevent the sticking of your nail polish.

Prevent rusting from the blade

Use Vaseline for removing rust from the razor blade. Use a thin layer of vaseline on your blade. Petroleum protects rust from iron.

What is Vaseline lotion and why is it good for you?

Vaseline is a brand that comes with petroleum ingredients that are tight waterproof. It’s like natural waxes that lock moisture on your body, face, and hair. The fragrance of petroleum preserves perfume. Vaseline is made of glycerin, lanolin alcohol from animal skin, panthenol containing vitamin B5, mineral oil, wax, and bisabolol. It’s good for dry skin.

  • Vaseline acts as an excellent exfoliator for the lips. It softens the lips by removing dead cells from the lips.
  • Vaseline helps to retain the scent of perfume for a long time.
  • It works great for treating acne, cracked lips, cracked feet, etc.
  • Vaseline eliminates foot itching and maintains foot softness. It also helps to keep your whole body soft and smooth.
  • Vaseline is suitable for supporting healing. 

Can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair?

Vaseline doesn’t have any moisturizing properties. But it has a protective layer that helps to lock the moisture off your skin. 

  • Take a small amount of vaseline lotion on your finger and apply it to the hair scalp. Rub the lotion on the root of the hairline and apply it to the whole head.
  • Now wrap your hair with a soft towel or shower cap.
  • Rinsing your hair with soap or hair shampoo to get rid of vaseline.
  • In this way, vaseline helps to get rid of hair loss, and vaseline helps hair grow faster.
  • You can use vaseline as a gel to give a style look to your hair.

Does Vaseline really work?

Yes, Vaseline really works as a healing power. It protects your injured skin from cracks and gives moisture. Make skin healthy, shiny, and smooth. Vaseline doesn’t make your skin dark; rather it works as a highlighter. 

Vaseline really works for dry, frizzy, split end hair. The jelly gives a smooth look and prevents hair breakage. It controls the eyebrows and gives you a natural look. Not only that, applying Vaseline can be helpful to cure cystic acne.

How long should you leave Vaseline in your hair?

The sunray, pool water, and dry weather can damage your hair’s shiny looks.  Dry scalp causes so many dandruff and itching problems. Vaseline protects your scalp from dryness. It is better to apply vaseline lotion twice a week. Vaseline can work to remove hair gum. You can message vaseline to get rid of the itching problem.

Apply vaseline into your hair roots and get rid of lice.  Because vaseline is a facial hair mask. Repeat this mask until you get rid of your problem. Apply vaseline into the whole hair and leave it for one night. The next morning, take a shower and comb your hair to remove lice.

What is the best Vaseline for your hair?

Vaseline works well for your hair care. In our discussion, we pick two and try to give the description to choose the best vaseline for your hair care.

Vaseline Hair Tonic 100ml

Vaseline Hair Tonic 100ml
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Vaseline hair tonic conditions your hair scalp and provides moisture. It keeps your hair looking well-groomed. Vaseline hair tonic is non-sticky. This tonic makes your hair shiny and can easily comb. Its beautiful smallness and control of their hair.

Rather, it prevents dryness and replaces the natural oil. And vaseline hair tonic is the best tonic that fights against the dry scalp. I love it because the tonic nourishes my hair scalp.

It is lightweight and comfortable to use on the hair. The vaseline hair tonic makes my scalp healthier and shiny with a beautiful fragrance. Vaseline hair tonic makes my hair smooth and grows faster. It reduces hair fall and itching problems of the scalp.

Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner 600ml 21.1oz

Vaseline Hair Tonic & Scalp Conditioner 600ml 21.1oz
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Vaseline scalp conditioner comes with all hair types. If your hair scalp is oily or dry, vaseline tonics will work. Scalp conditioner tonic helps to prevent dandruff come back.  It replaces natural oil and removes hair dandruff from the scalp.

Vaseline hair tonic fights with dry hair and penetrates to the opening scalp. The scalp conditioner provides you with naturally healthier hair with the twenty-second message. It provides a healthy scalp with dandruff free.

People love this tonic because it is easy to comb hair. And hair looks more shiny and healthy. Vaseline hair tonic condition your hair smoothly. This tonic helps to reduce split ends and broken hair. You can use vaseline hair tonic daily.

How to apply Vaseline on hair?

  • Take vaseline with a little amount on your finger and massage it on your whole scalp. 
  • You can apply vaseline with almond oil to your hair to get more benefits.
  • If you have a lice problem, take so much vaseline and massage the whole hair. 
  • Use a dry hair mask with vaseline and apply it to your hair to prevent dryness.
  • Remove visible flaking and use a tiny amount of vaseline on your eyebrow hair.

Can I put Vaseline on my skin as well as my hair?

Vaseline is used to protect cracked skin. You can apply vaseline on your skin as your hair. It is not true that vaseline blocks hair follicles, rather it locks your moisture for your skin. Make your skin healthier than before. Vaseline is very useful in the winter season. 

What happens if you leave Vaseline in your hair?

If you leave vaseline in your hair overnight, it provides moisture gently. Not only that it helps to kill lice and its egg from your hair. Leave vaseline in your hair for one night to make shiny, healthy hair. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Vaseline good for hair growth?

Yes, vaseline helps hair grow faster and protects spilled ends.

Is it OK to put Vaseline on your face?

Vaseline is ok for the face. It works as a highlighter and gives a shiny and natural look.

Can Vaseline make your hair fall out?

No, vaseline does not make hair fall out.

Can you put lotion in your hair for a dry scalp?

Yes, vaseline lotion works well in your hair for dry scalp.


Above we know the advantages of vaseline lotion for skin care. Vaseline lotion is not only for body care but also for hair care.

When the question arises can you put Vaseline lotion in your hair? And the answer is a positive vibe. Because vaseline is the number one healing power product that makes your skin smooth and healthy.

Besides body and face, Vaseline is also useful for hair care. So choose the best hair tonic Vaseline for you to make your hair healthy.

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