Why is my hair static after washing?

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Why is my hair static after washing
Why is my hair static after washing

Have you ever brushed your hair after a warm bath and experienced static and drowsy hair? It feels terrible as you can’t make a room and get your desired hairstyle.

When we take a bath and get to see our hair remains static that means our hair is not well-moisturized. Normally, we can get rid of static hair after using moisturizing shampoo. However, I don’t use it every day.

Just imagine a busy day, you are in a hurry so you don’t care about your hair. You took a warm bath and forgot about using a conditioner also, you didn’t finish off with an oil. Turns out your hair becomes static after washing.

What is Static hair?

Static hair is the consequence of frictions between our hair and other objects. Turns out the hair builds up with static electricity. That means, our hair develops with more electrons, it is not that harmful but a matter of nuisance while brushing our hair.
An example of static hair would be wearing something just like a hat. So when we wear a hat then two objects will friction together as a result, when we take the hat off the negative electrons left with that hat, so the hair becomes positively charged.

Does static hair mean it’s healthy?

Does static hair mean it's healthy
Does static hair mean it’s healthy

Actually, static electricity is created when two surfaces come into contact and then separate, causing an electrical charge to build up on the surface of each object.

The charge remains until it is discharged either to the ground or to another object. When static electricity builds up in our hair, it can cause our hair to stand on end and feel frizzy. It can also make our hair cling to our head, making it difficult to style.

Its ain’t easy to take care of static hair when we brush and make a hairstyle. The hair becomes brittle and susceptible for hair breakage.

However, static hair doesn’t mean unhealthy in the long run. Once we run natural oil and brush our hair then it will become fuller and thicker hair once again.

Our hair won’t remain static most of the time. It is a bizarre condition and that may happen only for the weather pattern for example, lack of humidity in the air.

Why is my hair static after washing?

Well, there are many reasons beyond that but dry hair is the main culprit. Because the more dry hair means the more electrons will produce. As a result, the hair can build up electrical charges which we call static hair.

On the other hand, weather conditions are another key factor here. When we get to see dry winter around us then we may find static hair even after washing it.

Another reason why we are facing static hair even after washing is because of using towels that are made of artificial substances.

For example, when we take a bath and then rub our hair with a terry cloth towel then it will lead to static electricity so we will find our hair static. Using natural fabrics will save us, no worries.

How do I stop my hair from being static after washing it?

How do I stop my hair from being static after washing it

If static hair gives you a hard time then I will show you some of the ways to get rid of it. Let’s follow them………

Try a moisturizing shampoo

As I have mentioned above, dry hair is the culprit to make our hair static so a moisturizing shampoo will ease it. In this case, a good shampoo will tackle the hydration and also fight with the frizzy and static hair. Again, no worries with the pesky side effects of bad weather. Most of the hair stylists and specially I believe that using the right hair care item will relax our scalp and keep the natural balance of oil and moisture. Turns out you will find a flexible hair shaft.

If you want to try the best shampoo for static hair then I will recommend you with Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo.

Use a conditioner

Honestly, using conditioner is somewhat more effective while using shampoo. Conditioner brings moisture into the hair that eliminates the electric charge so we won’t get to see static hair after washing our hair. I suggest you purchase a travel-size conditioning bottle and keep it in your handbag.

Whenever you are having a hard time while brushing your hair then dissolve a few drops in the palms and run your fingers through your hair. Hopefully you will get rid of static hair. Let’s suggest you with the best hair conditioner for your dry hair

AyurVita Neem & Reetha Nourishing is the best one I believe as it is enriched with protein rich herbs. It will feed our hair and bring out silky, glossy and fuller hair.

Another best option would be Nioxin Conditioner System 1-6. This one is the best choice as the moisture level is intense in it so we can deeply nourish our dry hair.

Oil-Massage Your Scalp

When I use oil in my scalp and massage it well then my hair becomes moisturized easily. Moreover, it blocks electrical charges. By the way, oil massage has many other good sides and one of them is the increased blood circulation of our scalp. Lets recommend you with the OGX Nourishing. It is prepared with coconut oil which will give you the maximum bounce of your hair.

Avoid Plastic combs

Did you know plastic combs generate electrons on our hair? So as it causes static electricity I will suggest you not to use such combs. Instead of that, I will recommend you to use any wooden combs like MJIYA wooden comb. It works great to detangle our hair and beard. Since it is made of anti static wood it will eliminate the static hair in no time.

Use anti-static electricity sheets

Anti-static electrical sheets are pretty effective as they contain natural oils so we can get healthy hair. You may use such sheets after washing your hair. So, it can avoid developing electrical charge on your hair.

How to get rid of static hair Naturally?

How to get rid of static hair Naturally

If you want to get rid of static hair naturally then the best option for you is to use natural fiber as a towel. Generally, towels these days are made of artificial stuff so they are somewhat harmful for our hair.

Moreover, some towels are also responsible for building up electrical charges. Turns out, you will get to see the static hair. Here is why switching to natural fabrics will give you more ease.

If you’re plagued by static hair, you’re not alone. In dry weather, static hair is a problem for many of us. When our hair is dry, it is more likely to become charged with static electricity. This can happen when our hair rubs against clothing, during humid weather, or when we brush it.

If you’re tired of dealing with static hair, there are a few things you can do to reduce the problem.

  • First, try to avoid using hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your hair, making it more likely to become charged with static electricity.
  • Instead, use hair products that contain natural oils, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. These oils can help us to moisturize our hair and make it less likely to become static. Another way to reduce static hair is to use a humidifier in our home. This will add moisture to the air, which can help us to reduce the static in our hair.
  • If you don’t have a humidifier, you can try placing a bowl of water on your radiator or placing a wet towel over your head while you sleep.
  • Finally, you can try to reduce the static in your hair by using a leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner to your hair and then comb it through.
Why is my hair suddenly static?

You find your hair suddenly becomes static due to two reasons: either lack of humidity in the hair or you rub something with your hair. The second one is a common case when we brush or put on a scarf or hat. Obviously, it causes friction with our hair so our hair becomes suddenly static.

Final Words

Static electricity in hair is a common phenomenon and I seldom face it during dry weather. But if it occurs oftentimes then this will harm our hair in the long run. Here in my article I have discussed why our hair becomes charged up with electrons and give you a few solutions with product recommendations. Since avoiding it is easy, don’t be whimsical to take initiatives. Best of luck!

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