What is Clarifying shampoo?

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What is Clarifying shampoo
What is Clarifying shampoo

When your hair becomes lifeless, dull, and heavy due to the buildup or residue then you should think about a clarifying shampoo. But before you make a decision, you should come to know what is clarifying shampoo and how does it work?

Well, in short- it is a deep cleanser that aims to kick out residue. It has a great reputation for stripping your hair as well.

Apart from that there are so many questions crossing your mind, we know! Such as- how often you should use it, how to use it, and most importantly, whether it will damage your hair or not.

Thankfully, we have talked to many experts and hairstylists and so we are going to let you know about that. Let’s start!

What is clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that contains surfactants to remove build up from your hair shaft. It is an ideal shampoo for them who are using a lot of hair care products. Clarifying shampoo is a type of shampoo that is designed to remove buildup from your hair. Buildup can come from a variety of things, including product buildup, hard water, and even sweat.

If you’ve ever noticed your hair feeling heavy or looking dull, it might be because of buildup. Clarifying shampoo can help to remove that buildup and leave your hair feeling lighter and looking brighter.

Clarifying shampoo can be used on all hair types, but it is particularly beneficial for those with oily hair.

If you feel like your hair is looking a little lackluster or you’re starting to notice more buildup than usual, then clarifying shampoo might be a good option for you. I would recommend using it once a week or as needed.

How does it work?

Clarifying shampoo strips off the heavy buildup and it is basically made for this reason.

However, it works slowly.  Let me get straight to this point. We know more or less every shampoo contains some chemicals to some or more extent, so does the clarifying shampoo.

If the shampoo tries to strip off all the buildup like a snap then you will be in trouble with the hair damage.

We know it is harsh, but not that harsh, so you will see the frizzy hair after a single shower. So this shampoo will after several showers and who knows after many showers, so it depends.

So, please try to pull down a little bit of your expectation on this shampoo. Use it on a regular basis and it will work gradually, indeed.

Is clarifying shampoo good for your hair?

Is clarifying shampoo good for your hair
Is clarifying shampoo good for your hair

Using clarifying shampoo is only good for your hair when you need it. Overuse or misuse may cause some side effects.

The benefits are obvious for example, when you are facing tangled hair and the hair is not manageable then you can fix it by using it.

Not only, you can get rid of the buildup but also, the shampoo will show results by eliminating oil sebum and dirt. Thankfully, such removal functions work both for scalp and hair shaft, isn’t it amazing?

The only downside to using clarifying shampoo is that it can strip your hair of its natural oils. This is why it’s important to follow up with a conditioner. 

If you have dry or damaged hair, you might want to use a clarifying shampoo less often to avoid further drying out your hair.

Now that you know all about clarifying shampoo, you can decide if it’s something you need to add to your hair care routine. If you do decide to use it, make sure to follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated.

When should you use a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is a heavy duty shampoo that is only applicable to your scalp when you find heavy buildup.

If you use it when you don’t have that much buildup and gunk then your natural oil of the scalp can get whisked away.

On the other hand, hair care products often cause thick buildup in our hair. For example, one of the products would be gel spray.

So when you are using such products for hair styling then you will also face problems with thick hair build up. 

Such build up is something that leads to pretty build up on our hair shaft. This is the situation when you can use the clarifying shampoo.

Can I use clarifying shampoo everyday?

Can I use clarifying shampoo everyday
Can I use clarifying shampoo everyday

Using clarifying shampoo doesn’t seem rocket science. It is as easy as you are applying any common shampoo to your scalp. But you need to remember some important catches.

According to many expert hair-stylists, they recommend not to use any clarifying shampoo more than once in a week.

Rest of the days, you can wash you hair on a regular basis using not any hardcore cleanser like clarifying shampoo.

For example, we recommend you to start focusing your scalp, the shampoo should go directly to the roots where you find gunks and buildup. By the way, a little message to your hair after using it would be great as well.

Let not forget to channel your inner salon shampoo station as it will go directly to the suds. As a result, the amount of shampoo you are using, they will spread out evenly and finely.

Afterwards, you can rinse it well and also use the best conditioner after clarifying shampoo alongside it.  A hair mask like Olaplex would be also fine to use as it helps to restore the lost moisture.

What is the difference between regular shampoo and clarifying shampoo?

What is the difference between regular shampoo and clarifying shampoo
What is the difference between regular shampoo and clarifying shampoo

Regular shampoo does not deeply clean the scalp just like any clarifying shampoo. We know more or less every normal shampoo will clean your regular hair or any types but when it comes to the clarifying shampoo then it will run a more aggressive approach.

The thick buildup, dirt and natural oil are collected over time and a normal shampoo won’t be a good match with it. Here the clarifying shampoo comes and wins the situation.

To give you more insight, the normal shampoo is made of natural minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. So such shampoo are regularly formulated shampoos and have no ability to clarify your hair deeply.

On the flip side, the clarifying shampoo is made of chelating agents like EDTA. This may easily metal ions in water so the water becomes softer and better for our hair and scalp both.

The great thing is clarifying shampoo which is made of EDTA is less harsh on our hair strands compared to other surfactants. Also, some good brands are adding moisturizers to the clarifying shampoo.

If you are afraid of whether your clarifying shampoo has the ability to moisturize your scalp or not then you can apply a good moisturizer after bath.

Final Words

Having flaky scalp with dull-looking strands seems like a nightmare to us. Hair products are not only culprits, oftentimes sweat, dirty water, environmental pollution can cause the thick build up over the time. Therefore, we suggest you choose the best one according to your scalp types like dry or oily. After using a clarifying shampoo, you can get rid of excessive oil and residue, so best of luck!

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